Saturday, 25 March 2017

EvanH: My Challenge Roundup, or "Déjà Who?"

You know, it was almost a year ago to the day that I posted a roundup of my first ever Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge. 241 points, and I was well pleased.

Well, things are a little more competitive this year, with unprecedented levels of participation. 96 painters! Tens of thousands of points!

And here's me, with a princely 325 points, thanks mainly to getting a few Bonus Rounds in (at least 50 a pop for those bad boys, and that adds up even if you're not a painting machine). Participation in the Bonus Rounds would therefore seem to be a good move for lazy painters like myself.

So, let's review; last year, I turned out a massive total of 22 figures. This time out, a mere 19 figs (counting half a skeleton and a tank commander as 0.5 of a fig each), plus one vehicle, i,e., one (1) M3 Honey Tank, Eighth Army for the use of, and a single piece of terrain, namely a Frostgrave mausoleum.

They're all there, bar one; the Curtgeld figure.

I'm very pleased with how this chap turned out, especially given the beautiful basework and flag provided by my friend and blolleague Mr Mills. A true communal effort! I hope that he finds favour with his new commander, the Snowlord Himself.

And here I am with the assembled multitude my bijou collection.

It says something for my productivity that this is the second year I've been able to fit all my Challenge figs in one shot. Gotta pick up the pace!

That's all from me for this year then. Time to pull down the shutters, stow the paintbrushes, and put away the unpainted models for another nine or so months.

See you later!



  1. Very nicely done Ev, I especially like the Curtgeld.

  2. Felt like more figures. Nice work though

  3. A terrific collection. You and I both can 'brag' about being able to feature our entire collections while still having a closeup. ;) That standard bearer is brilliant - thanks so much!

    1. Glad you like him - but Millsy's groundwork and vexillological achievements are, as ever, the crowning glory!

  4. Great stuff, a bit more every year, that's what matters!

  5. Any challenge that is a personal best is a great one Ev! Bravo!

  6. Well done Evan - the Curtailed figure is my favourite.


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