Friday, 10 March 2017

From SteveM: DBA Sassanid army (322 Points)

Scale: 1/100 (15mm)
Mfg: Unknown
Product: Sassanid
Material: metal
Paints: automotive primer, Vallejo Model Color, oil washes, cleaned beach sand for ground, latex indoor house paint for ground colors, matt vanish


51 mounted
48 foot
2 elephants with 8 crew

This and the Polish entry have keep me busy for the past few weeks (month?).  Lots of goodness to be found here with these fierce warriors; even though one of the spear stands look to be heading the wrong direction. :-)

In doing research for the colors to use, it was interesting to read about what types of horses were used and the markings, or non-marking on the legs as it turns out from some of the sources.

For the elephants I put some extra care into the designs; makes them fight better.

This is a very fine looking force Steve! They're wonderfully colourful, which is unusual for ancients, makes them more of an interesting spectacle. I will take your word on it that the horses are thoroughly researched and strictly historically accurate. And of course it's good to see more oliphants in the challenge, as we've been a bit camel-heavy to date. Nice that you've rolled out the freehand skills on them too. 
Through the application of dark arts, I came to a score of 322 for this entry - bravo!


  1. Great work on the elephants' designs, and I'm strangely taken by the wicker shields!

  2. All the figures are great, but the eletanks are superb!

  3. Very nice looking army there Steve :)

  4. Lovely colourful army.
    Best Iain

  5. Great to see a full army Steve. Wonderful work, especially love the Heffalumps.

  6. Absolutely beautiful work, Steve. I really like how this army looks and the arid basework is ace as well.

  7. What a great entry, even if I only have the haziest of notions of who Sassanids were. But they rode elephants (beautifully painted ones) so that's enough for me. Well done.

  8. That is a glorious entry, Steve!
    I love the color in them and the freehand on the oliphants!