Friday, 10 March 2017

From EricM: The Catch Up Post Part Deux

With the legionnaire infantry complete, I was able to move on to some fun command figures this week. 

I was able to complete 5 command figures for my Caesarean Romans.  They are from a mix of manufacturers.  The mounted standard bearer is from first corps.  

The Imperator figure on the white horse is from Warlord Games.   I really enjoy the figure although his right arm in the 'hailing" position did  give me trouble when trying to glue it.   I may be re-basing him on a larger base to resist the temptation of picking him up by his arm.
Since I am complaining,  the mounted standard bearer's standard is about 2 millimeters too tall to fit in the box I have set aside for them!

The portly Legate on the right is perhaps of of my favorite figures of all time. Not only has he had a few too many door mice, he also has a bald spot.  I love it when miniatures manufactures add these type of "real" characters.    Not every roman general looked like Russell Crowe.

Finally a close up of the third Legate.

With the Roman leadership taken care of I decided to push on and add some Numidian light horse allies. The Numidians are a mix of Wargames Foundry, Warlord Games and Navigator.  I think they mix fairly well although the Navigator horses are not very attractive they do add character to the unit.

Here are some close ups.  The skin tone was a challenge and I am not completely happy with the results.   I have another 10 or so Numidian light horse to paint so I may try a different process.

This week I was able to complete 25 x 28mm cavalry.  

Ah gosh, another points bomb late in the day. those Numidian cavalry look great Eric, what is it about the hide shields that always makes these units look good in whatever scale? Very finely executed here. And great to see some commanders to lead your Roman legions, too. I agree, the characterful miniatures like your `old warhorse` add a welcome bit of colour when painting an army.
For very dark skin tones, there`s a technique on the Perry miniatures website, intended for their Sudan range. It`s a bit faffy, using layered washes, but I`ve found it does give a pleasing effect.  
Twenty five cavalry, a neat 250 points: with your catch up entries you`ve smashed through 3000 points and maintained a good gap between yourself and the chasing pack.  


  1. Blimey Eric, you've been busy! Lovely work on the commanders and Numidians :)

  2. Lovely, characterful command and super light cavalry.
    Best Iain

  3. Those characters are brilliant Eric. The whole army is very impressive - looking forward too seeing them arrayed in battle formation!

  4. And these. Busy couple of weeks. Great work

  5. Wow! Lovely work Eric. I really like the Imperator figure and those Numidians are just brilliant (especially their fab shields).

  6. Great stuff, all these are really well done!

  7. Great stuff Eric. The faces are so full of character!

  8. Grand stuff, Eric! The flesh on the Cav may have given you fits, but they are well done and I like those hyde shields. Those generals are quite the characters too! I think when you rebase the hailing general he will need a few foot guard to make him more officious! ;)