Friday, 10 March 2017

From EricM: The Catch Up Post (390 Points)

Since I missed posting last week and rather than posting a single massive update I decided to break this weeks posting into two more manageable updates.   The works shown here was actually completed in the prior week 

Last week I worked on finishing up the last of the Romans.   Once I got the the hang of the shields I was able to really burn through the cohorts.

The first cohort is 24 figures.  Most figures are Wargames Foundry but they are led by an outstanding centurion from Warlord Games.

I had to pull him out to show him off.  I really like the dynamic pose.

The second cohort is 18 figures

All the figures are Wargames Foundry

The third cohort

I believe the Centurion leading this unit is from First Corps but I may be wrong.   I really like him so I pulled him out to show him off.  

Here is the fourth and final cohort of Romans.


Finishing the last of the Romans was a real milestone for me. As part of the challenge I was able to complete 3 "legions" of 5 cohorts each.   Pictures of the full units will follow next week.  I am really looking forward to pulling them out.

The total for last week was 78 x 28mm foot

Good evening again Eric. These last cohorts look very fine once again, and maintaining your throughput on this project has been hugely impressive. Fifteen whole cohorts of legionaries to such a high standard, bravo! Lots of black shields for this lot, which seems unusual to me - did you choose black for a particular reason?
Seventy eight 28mm figures makes a cool 390 points. 


  1. Excellent looking cohorts Eric :)

  2. Fantastic looking Romans, love the shields.
    Best Iain

  3. Awesome work, this will be a fantastic army

  4. The shields are to die for, very nice work!

  5. that makes for an impressive lot of Romans! I really like that crisp look you gave them, but those shields are just splendid. I like how you can see a wood grain in them, they really pop!