Tuesday, 21 March 2017

From DavidB: What...It's a wrap!? And off to vacation!

At least I had the foresight to gather the minis together and snap a few photos BEFORE I left to Adepticon! 

Note that the rear ranks are populated with unfinished or untouched minis that would have gotten me to my planned total, but Murphy had it in for the old grunt this time out! ;)

I'm most pleased that I completed the bulk of my MERCS and a fair amount of some other boxed games. (I notice now that I forgot the Imperial Assault stuff...)

In addition to the box games the Soritas and Inquisition are taking the field which will make my Cadian 7th all the tougher, perhaps my ginger nuns can add some further punch to the Catachan Death World Vets too! 

I'm mostly pleased that I was able to get my massive drawing table in the basement of my new for me home. I still haven't found the tracks and extras for the Soritas tanks, and I am missing still some valkyrie componets; however,  I did find Colonel Commissar Ibrahim Gaunt. He is still unassembled and in the blister but is going to be in the queue for next season. 

I spent the 1st days of my vacation shifting boxes from the garage and breezeway( IOU Honey-do list) more stuff has been shifted to the mancave so I'm sure the missing components will be there. Then it will be the summer to tidy up and set up for next season's go. 

I'll get some photos of myself and kid's with their work when I get back from Adepticon.  They had a lot of fun and were quite chuffed with the responses to their work, they were already plotting next year when I left. 

Thank you again to Curt for tending the logistics and Command & Control, Thank you to Lady Sarah for allowing the rambunctious crew to intrude on what could be quiet winter months, thanks also to my fellow challengers who make this such a wonderful time spent in the hobby for the encouragement and vast amount of eyecandy! ;)

I've been around this fun winter event since my last deployment first as a spectator, then with Curt's prodding a participant. It has now evolved into a winter tradition in my home with the kids gathering around my table to work on their own minis or watch me. Since this is usually after a basketball game or wrestling match, it does get boisterous! 

Now it is time for hardwork, training, yardwork, planting...but I'll still have the afterglow of hobby time to sustain me till next time! ;)


  1. It's been a blast seeing all your posts and don't they look impressive on parade! :)

  2. Great job Dave - have enjoyed your posts and comments very much. Cheers!

  3. Those SoB's were indeed a feast for the eye, great stuff and till next time!

  4. Wow, your camo and woodcraft skills are exceptional, David; I swear, I can't see you at all among all the beautifully-painted figs!
    ; )
    Job's a good 'un!

  5. Great work Dave, I really liked your stuff.

  6. Great collection, a very successful challenge

  7. Wow! That looking amazing all brought together. Well done David!

  8. Great work on the minis David. And great job as Minion/cheerleader/cat herder with the Thursday group. Enjoy the hols.