Friday, 22 December 2017

Challenge Tunes

G'day All,

Whilst twirling the brushes since the Challenge began I've also had a the PC pumping out good vibes, keeping me occupied in mind and ear as well as hand and eye. It occurred to me that the vast majority of Challengers would likely do the same and it set me to wondering what others listen to when they are painting.

Enter "Challenge Tunes", where you get to tell the world what floats your auditory boat! It's totally optional and just a bit of extra fun but why not give it a whirl?

Here's how it works
When you post an entry:

  1. Include a section at the bottom, listing the artists / albums / etc you were listening to when painting. If you've been using a streaming service like Spotify then note that too so others can partake of your playlist.
  2. Include the Challenge Tunes image so it's easy for the rest of use to identify the info from the rest of your post.

Including the Challenge Tunes image
To ensure we don't clog the Challenge with copy after copy of the image, please follow these steps to include the image:

  1. Click the icon just like adding any other image to a post
  2. Change the source to "From URL"
  3. Paste in the Challenge Tunes Image URL below
  4. Click OK

Challenge Tunes Image URL

Keep it Simple:
Please DON'T do any of the following:

  1. Use the "Post Settings" Labels to identify your tunes. Those are to be used exclusively for modelling and painting related content. Using them for Challenge Tunes will just clog up the list and make it harder to find proper Challenge content.
  2. Use any naughty words, even if a song title or artist includes them in their name. Kids can and do visit here. Just mask out the naughty works with asterisks instead.

Imagine I'm DaveD. Or maybe don't, cause that's actually kinda weird.
Anyway, here's a sample of what my Challenge Tunes might look like:

Artist: Nana Mouskouri

Album: Greatest Hits and B Sides

I really, really, really like Nana Mouskouri. It's all I play. Ever.

So there you go, Challenge Tunes. ROCK ON!

DJ Gimp


  1. Damn that Millsy has been tinkering with my playlists again... you leave Nana and Demis alone!

    1. Not sure what resemblance Nana and Demis bear to camels... ;)

  2. I listen to Audio books not music but cool idea.

  3. LOL I was keen on this until I read the instructions...this is a hobby, not IT work! :)