Thursday, 8 February 2018

From DavidB - FOOTBALL TIME (325 points)

(Minion note: The international dateline did for us last week and whilst David posted this on Thursday in North American time, I didn't get the message until Friday UK time when I woke up.  Ever the gentleman, David was happy for me to post this week instead.  I only note this as he refer to some things that happened last weekend in the future tense but I didn't want to start changing all that or for you to wonder if you'd accidentally driven to work in the Delorian this morning!)

It's been a bit of a moment. I've been ripping through training as unexpected activities have erupted for military and civilian jobs. My girls are winding down basketball with the next few days involving tournaments. I've been either at work or in the land of no wifi(and no civilisation) Work has decided that blogger is a risk and my smart phone can no longer access it while at site, it is also blocked from calls and messages, so it only tells me the temperature, news, time, but I do get to read the emails.

I have been following there and will be soon visiting each entry and seeing more as I have vacation for the Superbowl. Besides Wrestling (not WWE) Football is a big sport and this is a holiday of sorts at my house. Ive been a fan of the Dolphins since I could walk while my wife is a die hard Chicago Bears fan. We don't talk about that New England team as a certain player took some time off to  enjoy recreational drugs and contributed somewhat to Dan Marino not getting a Superbowl ring. That player who will not be named did contribute to New England getting a Superbowl victory when he returned. Brady is the GOAT (greatest-of-all-time), but Marino just needed one Superbowl to clench his spot.

Because the NFL won't place an ad for American vets #pleasestand(divisive) they also allocated money for breast cancer and veterans to SJW issues. Since those who kneel cannot tell me anything about the 54th Massachusetts, the 369th Infantry Regiment, or the 332nd Fighter Group, I won't be watching.

Instead we are having a Blood bowl championship, with all the Superbowl munchies and the kid's new blood bowl game. My three girls are all born around Christmas, so Santa brought them the mini game as a birthday present. My son wasn't born near Christmas, so he will be using an older team reconditioned.

First though, I was going to enter the Bad Moon Terror cruiser and the Goff Kill cruiser in the flight round, but they were buried by orks and trucks and were not quite ready in time.
They were both assembled and primed after I seen the bonus round themes. The kill cruiser was missing a battery of guns which was replaced by a set from the plastic Imperial Cruisers...It looks very orky now.

The Terror ship is an assault carrier with the large ramp protruding from the prow. the kill cruiser has more guns than a battleship, but with orks gunning, it isn't too accurate!

They came out pretty close to the escorts I painted maybe 5 years ago? I found them in original packaging at Adepticon for a very good price. I'll be looking for more this year.

When the kids and I assembled the orcs, they seemed to be scary accurate to Oakland Raider tailgaters. We agreed pretty quick that they would be very appropriate for the Chicago Bears. So Here is Da Bears. They are an animate bunch of minis and probably my favourite out of all the teams to paint.

The blackorc blocker just oozes power. the detail does go wonky in some places, but there is so much detail, I can forgive GW for that.

The Blitzer is probably my favourite with the skull helmet and animation. Somebody is getting hit!
I love how the orcs have serious cankles!

I found an old human team that was painted black and yellow. They are now fresh in their new colours of Miami.... Dolph's Finns!

A blitzer and blocker from the first edition(1988) star players. They will both be blitzers as humans don't have blockers anymore.

They do have a couple of old school ogres to fill that role though. They sport dolphin colors in what uniform they were given.

I wanted to paint the new team as black and red Falcons, but my kids insisted the Eagles. They are their models, so the Imperial Eagles took Philadelphia's colors.

They are very fine sculpts with no soft detail areas, but the sculptor did not have as much fun with these as they did with Orks. the humans are rather rigid and not as animated.

The white is really a white blue(p-3 underbelly blue) it looks white with the grey and green. My white just wouldn't cover even over a pale grey.

The Skaven are "The Stealers"  who have stolen their colors from the Pittsburgh Steelers. They are just as dynamic as the orcs.

A skaven blitzer with a thrower and gutter runner behind him. They do have a lot of nice details and the tails are great, but the soft spots in detail are all over them, I ended up using the box they came in just to make sure what a particular area was supposed to be. They look fine from a distance but are really bad models if tipped over. I was constantly going back and hitting areas again as I realised I missed a patch of fur, armour, cloth....

I do like the thrower model, all the teams eyes are green from warpstone.

The current edition with some of the first edition models. Better sculpts this time and the new orks are molded in green!

I miss the old metal ratmen. Ratsa tailspike is my only rat left over. I gave the team to a brother who didn't want to paint, but liked the game. He was a big Dallas Cowboy fan and actually played for Tulane University. He went to Afghanistan a few years after 9-11 and will always be younger than I.

The newer orc and skaven surrounded by my old Chaos team. I couldn't find the wood elves in the man cave, but these poor painted models do show how far I've come!

51 28mm football players-255
2 space ships-10
and 30 counters-60
I figured the ships as 28mm and the counters at 15mm with a total of 325
cant have football without some angry rock!
Saliva- Ladies and Gentlemen

Fivefinger death punch....this one will get you in the feels and is entirely for those who fell for my flag and those who fell for YOUR flag no matter of country. I'll tip a glass on Sunday for them all.
Just wow.  Now then, where do I start...... I absolutely love the meander through the various eras of bloodbowl, some of those early figures were awesome and I remember reading the Whte Dwarf when they were introduced.  I always thought that Ogre had the right mix of menace and fun to encapsulate all that was right about Bloodbowl.  I'm also a huge fan of the two star players you press-gang in as blitzers, they've come a long way from their rules cards being printed on the back cover of White Dwarf so you could use them!
I like the way you've used real teams to inform your colours for all the new teams, it's a great way to get things done effectively and start a BB league under your own roof!  I do like the new human team, but I think you're right in that the new Orc one puts it in the shade somewhat as those figures absolutely fizz with life and personality.
The BFG ships are also very nice, so I agree with your points and 325 it is!


  1. Gosh, that's a whole load of blood bowl goodness, they look great!
    Best Iain

    1. Thank you very much, Iain! The kids had a blast with them, so the push to complete them was worth it!

  2. Loving the old school GW stuff. Funnily enough I've been considering having a go at some of my BFG models over the last few days.

    1. Thank you, James! Of all the old games I have, BFG is the one that still gets played at least once a month.
      I'd love to see you push out some BFG ships!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Tamsin! I honestly miss your work in the lists. I'll have to visit your blog and see what you have been up to!;)

  4. Nice work on these figures Dave. I Hope you had a grand weekend!

    1. Thank you, Peter! I drank too much and ate too much, but it was a wonderful time with my family. ( although my chili made my kids' eyeballs sweat!)
      My daughter Nina won the first ever Super Bloodbowl with the Imperial Eagles. Valerie with the Stealers had the most player casualties edging out Da Bears played by Kolleen. Seth and Dolph's Finns just couldn't get a break even with my assistance! ;)

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ray! A bit of a rush job on them, but my kids had fun!

  6. Amazing work on these models, David - did NOT expect to see any of the old BFG ships, and the BB figs are great.

    I'd better pick up the pace - everyone else is putting me to shame!

    1. Thank you, Evan! BFG is my favorite, I have a few more in the pile to get to. I honestly bounce from one project to another and keep adding minis to the desk as I paint and inspiration hots me. I lack the quality you achieve though! ;)

  7. Thank you, Jamie! I was quite pleased to get this bunch off the desk and to the game in time! The kid's had a great time! ;)

  8. Such an awesome collection of blood bowly goodness - I hope you and the kids have a great time with them. BB was my son's first big foray into gaming and we have some great memories of playing together

  9. What a great entry, one could almost see oneself start Blood Bowl after this...almost

  10. Go team! Good to see some B.B. love.