Sunday, 18 March 2018

From AlexS: romans, treewoman and Tamsin (130 points)

 Hello everybody! My name is Alex, I'm from Russia and my number is six. I'm sixth in the list in alphabetical order and last time and this time I finish the event in sixth place. Yesterday I had a free night, when it was not necessary to pack the children and get ready for work. And I painted some miniatures in my final event.

Firstly, this is a detachment of the slave legion, which was created in Rome during the Punic War. Well, or a squad of legionary recruits. I specifically picked up for them different shields to show that they are armed with horrible things.

Secondly, this is a triarius cohort, because this is the last post, the last line of my battle with unpainted miniatures. Therefore: RES AD TRIARIOS REDIIT!

My next work is a tribute to Curt and the theme he devised. Monster, they need to finish participation in the event, the main theme of which is the monsters. I represent to your attention a monstrous tree woman. Her name is Olga, she likes walks in the moonlight and strong coffee with a piece of chocolate. :) In addition, she likes to tear off her enemies and put their bodies on their nails with a beautiful manicure.

The last miniature is very special. When I first took part in the challenge, there was a person who inspired me with his example, his comments, his work, and, probably, not only me. And I, in gratitude, painted the miniature that I dedicated to this person. During the second event I did not do this, but this time I decided to correct myself.
I found an interesting miniature that I associated with this person - a beautiful woman carrying a bag with Molotov cocktails. After all, Tamsin is a beautiful woman who always made us happy with her "paint bombs". But this time Tamsin did not participate in the event and I was very lacking in it, although she wrote comments and I always watch her blog.
But I still painted this "mini Tamsin" and I hope that the real Tamsin will be fine and next year she will participate in the event.

General view:

23 inf - 115 pts
1 monster - 10 pts
total 125 pts

From Minion Tamsin:
I decided to pop into the fray of helping out with the final flurry and what should I find? My name in the title of one of the drafts, so I just had to call dibs and be the minion from this great post from Alex.
Once again Alex has impressed with his output of well-painted miniatures (and terrain as well this year) and deserves to be in one of the top spots. Congrats on another high ranking!
Seeing that monstrous tree woman makes me wonder why the Ents were pining for their lost Entwives. Truly gruesome beastie (can plants be beasties?). That's a very big monster, so I'm going to score it as a 28mm vehicle.
And then there's the lady named for me with the bag of Molotov cocktails. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect that Alex has been keeping tabs on my nocturnal activities...

Alex - thank you for your kind words about me. You will be pleased to hear that I am fine at the moment and I definitely plan to be back for next year's Challenge :)


  1. Awesome work Alex you've impressed all with you skill and output and this entry is awesome love the bag lady keep up the great work my friend

  2. Great post lovely mix of stuff, I like your mini Tamsin!
    Best Iain

  3. Great work. Tamsin she's probably quite atractive if your an Ent.

  4. Great stuff. Been excellent watching your submissions Alex. Great way to end with a tribute piece. Thank you Alex. cheers