Wednesday, 7 March 2018

From JohnM: More The Affliction (20 Points)

Nine more figures from Folklore: The Affliction box set. I have only 5 more left to paint. I have again gone with bright colours. They are nice figures to paint aside from the faces as on some of the figures the sculpting of the faces is quite soft.

I am experimenting with a black backdrop here. It is a real challenge, as to keep the background black, I have to crank down the exposure and have to avoid using a lot of light. I am using my iPhone as oddly enough I find the quality better than my fancy camera and I can edit the photo to a certain degree on my phone. I also like the airdrop feature. I am having some problems with the lighting as you can see the left most figure in the bottom photo is a little washed out.

I like a white back drop as I find it easier to get the exposure correct, but my last submission to the challenge this year really will require a black backdrop so it is good to get some practice in. If any one has any advice to give I would appreciate it.

Moon Priests and Stregas

Some Vampires


I painted the Vampires and Gargoyles before the challenge so I can only claim 20 points here. I had forgotten to photograph and post them so I thought it would be OK to add them here. 

From Ray

A nice little collection of figures John. I like the bright and bold colours you've used. Is it me or do the vampires look like the Vampire from the old Salem's Lot, David Soul TV show? 
I do like the Gargoyles, shame you painted them before the Challenge.

20 very colourful points heading your way John.


  1. Wonderful work - very colourful.

  2. Excellent painting John :)

  3. Whoosa, those colours are quite... unusual.
    Very well done nonetheless (or maybe just because of it).

  4. Wow, some super cool colours there John! Great work.

    Fiddling with photography...very frustrating...

  5. Nice bit of work on this creepy assortment of figs, John -the vampires look almost gleeful as they advance on their prey!

  6. Really cool figures with a heat choice of colours!

  7. Lovely colours, nice finish!
    Best Iain

  8. Your trial of a black backdrop has really worked!