Sunday, 11 March 2018

Last Week of Scheduled Entries Before the Last Stretch Chaos

On an administrative note, this will be the last week of scheduled entries before we head into the free-for-all of the Challenge's final days. So from Sunday, March 18th to midnight, Tuesday March 20th you can feel free to submit as many entries as your fevered brush can manage.

So be sure to be especially nice to your Minion during this, their swan song week - they've done a spectacular job (especially Ray in deleting Peter's post last week, that was particularly awesome...).  :)



  1. Six days until chaos reigns once more! Brace yourselves for the paintpocalypse! :D

  2. Free-For-All....


    ...please tell me this paint-tastic period is going to end better than The Purge did in that free-for-all! My brushes are all set !

  3. Wait what?! Ray actually DID delete that post? I just thought you were badgering the budgie again. Did he smuggle it in his sandbag or what?