Thursday, 8 March 2018

SIDE DUEL: Camel Challenge!

Hoi there!

Last year in November, I had the honour of meeting the honourable Dave D. esq in the flesh at the Crisis Convention. While Dave has a great many painted figures to his name, we here in the Challenge know and love him for his...Camels! After talking to him (and Curt) for a bit I decided to challenge him to get out of his comfort zone and paint some camels in a different scale. He grandly accepted and so I came to sent him a few 1:72 plastic figures from HäT including some camels. He would sent me some too but in 28mm scale.

We decided that we would put up a post showing our painted figures and let you all decide the winner. The loser should then sent the winner the Loser's entry. Now Dave being the gentleman he is, decided to sent me the figures anyway regardless of who wins and I will return the favour, although in this case I think I will be the winner in the end ;-)

So below you will see both our efforts and you can vote for your favourite at the bottom. The poll will close in one week from the posting date.

From: DaveD - Camel time! (84 POINTS)

Mad person Sander challenged me to a camel duel... with me to paint smaller camels .

These are believed I believe from the HAT set , 1/76 scales ..I have of course sent him British Camel Corps in return

So as if I have not painted enough Sudan stuff .. let’s do it again in different scale!

The heliography team , protected by the Naval brigade signal for supplies

 They arrive escorted by Camel Corps in Red  and Indian Army ..

No it’s those pesky Mahdists

These will shortly be winging their way across to Sander .

I don’t think there is anything for a challenge prize for a vote off between entries of sort  , otherwise than the smell of fresh painted camel ..

Cheers d.

From: SanderS - Camels HOOOOO!  (85 points)

Dave kindly sent me both mounted and dismounted British Camel Corps figures from the Perry's. They are beautiful figures but had a lot of excess white metal, some of it I only noticed during painting.
Anyway here they are and I do hope Dave likes them when they arrive at his door since, as you will have read above, we have decided to sent each other the painted figures anyway, whatever the result of the poll will be.

Arthur was immediately charmed by the camel riders and so Dave graciously allowed him to choose some to keep. Here's the first one he has painted.

That's the Camel Challenge finished for us now you get going and start voting!

Dave and Sander


  1. Don't make me choose! DON'T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!

  2. Grand work from both of you - great idea for a side duel :)

    1. Cheers Tamsin, I should have guessed would nail those camels even in 20mm ;-)

  3. what more do need today than camels!

  4. Very well done by both of you (and Arthur of course)!

    1. Cheers Moiterei, Arthur really does like his Camels, erm wait or am I talking about Dave here? Okay now I have my camels confused...

  5. Well done to all three of you. I wish I could vote for Arthur but I'll have to pick one of you has beens.

    1. Oy, watch it you two! This is almost like you are throwing down a gauntlet to a Side Duel for next year!

  6. I think I'll get one of my IT guys to hack SurveyMonkey so I can vote for both.

  7. Dammit, I missed the vote!