Tuesday, 8 January 2019

From MartinC - Quite a Lot of Indians (386 pts)

The Christmas holiday has ended and I've had a very restful week of shopping and painting. I've been charging through the Christmas Classical Indians.

First up are 3 units of cavalry.

Another basic paint job but more colourful loincloths and tunics - I assumed these guys were richer.

The streamer banner is cut from a 28mm Numidian standard. The writing on the shield says horse in Sandskrit. Makes them look a bit arabic but I've been practicing my Sandskrit. OK I've been using an online translator and finding the word that was easiest to paint.

Another unit

Still says horse. I have to say Sandskrit looks beautiful and IF I was a lingusit I would learn it. As it is I can barely master English

And another one. 

There are 4 main types of troops in an Indian army, Infantry (archers and warriors), Cavalry, Chariots and Elephants.
The 4 horse chariots have a crew of 6. More a cart than a chariot

This one is on a double sized base and like last weeks elephants more of a practice. The Sandskirt says chariot - my verbal imagination is kinda thingy

I have 4 more of these to paint

 Obviously the elephants are the coolest and I have painted may

These 4 have javelin armed crew. The painting is better than on last weeks

Again a went for the Sandskrit - my freehand designs weren't fab sand I was running out of ideas. This side says Elephant 

This side say various things like huge, massive and fat 

2 more elephants with bow armed crew and a king with a howdah

More slightly insulting elephant size descriptions and the king's one says king!

Finally a load of javelin/spear armed infantry with 5 to a base. Boring to paint

Another bit of a Numidian banner

So I have painted loads.

36 cavalry @ 4pts each = 144 
7 elephants - these were 15pts each = 105
50 infantry@2pts each = 100
1 x 4 horse chariot with 6 crew = 8+4x2+6x2 = 28ish
Grand total = 377.

I more week and I've done the Indians, although I need to buy 9 more figures - which is annoying
With the bonus round that takes me past my 1000 pt target so lets up it to 3000.

Crikey Martin, your really testing my maths skilz (of which I have  none!). What a whopper of an entry. I'm really looking forward to seeing this army arrayed for battle at the end of the Challenge. 

So Points wise... I concur with your calculation on the Cavalry and Infantry, but I think your selling yourself short on the Nellies. I'm scoring these as 112 points (7x8pts treating the elephants as Vehicles, plus 21 crew for 42 points and I'm adding another 14 for the hand decorated blankets, 1 per side). Finally the Chariot, I can't fault your logic on the points for these but I'm throwing in a couple extra because this must have been a beast to assemble! 

If my mathmagics adds up that comes to a grand total of 386 points! Well done. 


  1. Great work realy like the Elephants and the Chariots

  2. That's a lot of bleeding lovely Indians Martin!

  3. Fantastic stuff! Bet they look dead threatening arrayed on the battlefield.... the markings on the elephants are vpaeticularly nicely done.

    1. I photo them all for next week, only a few left to paint, and we shall see

  4. Nice work, Martin. Love the glamorous nellies! :)

  5. Dang Martin these are terribly well painted figures. Those elephants look awesome. It's admirable how you came up with all the different rugs for their backs.

  6. Paint bomb! Lovely looking Indians Martin. Love that you’re delving into Sanscit, and if you didn’t tell us we’d never know how basic the words were. I think you should add banners insulting your regular opponents!

  7. Good gravy, that is a heap of great figures, Martin. Well done! I love the last unit with the huge shields. Awesome.

  8. Cracking work Martin! That's quite an impressive points bomb!

    1. cheers, Essex don't have a lot of detail to fuss over

  9. That's a lot for sure, top bombing 💣💥

  10. Wow! Well done. I envy your productivity!!!

  11. Great looking mass of Indians!
    Best Iain

  12. "Indians sir, thousands of them!" Sorry couldn't resist, but what a top entry. Well done Martin!

  13. That's awesome! Looks like an entire army in one submission. EXCELLENT! Really great stuff. Love the Elephants but most of all actual translated freehand text! Super cool!

  14. Great work, I like the descriptions on the side of the heffalumps!

  15. Just need some cowboys now and your sorted... :P