Tuesday, 14 January 2020

From GregB: More 28mm WW2 Germans In Winter Kit (50 Points)

More 28mm WW2 Germans in Winter kit. Figures from Warlord Games.
Well, no bonus points for originality with this post.  Here, once again, are more 28mm WW2 Germans wearing winter kit.  These are metal sculpts from Warlord Games' "Bolt Action" range, and if they look similar to the ones in my last submission, it is because they are! When I made the decision to dive into winter WW2 in 28mm, I ordered a few boxes of these of from Warlord.  I will round out the collection with more figures from their range, but these lovely metal sculpts will form the core of the 28mm force.

This pose for German MGs is iconic, maybe a little-overused, but I never get tired of it...looks great. That fellow at the front must have one of the worst jobs...

Great details on the figures.
Most of the figures in this box have separate heads, so I was able to swap them around a bit to ensure these figures were not EXACTLY the same as the last ones. Together with an effort to change the odd feature on the painting - black leather instead of brown, swapping white for grey here and there, if hopefully shakes things up a touch.  That said, there will be a certain tattered uniformity or variety (?) to this collection as it takes shape - these troops are struggling against the winter as well as the enemy...

NCO on the square base, accompanied by one of his riflemen.

Another view of the NCO.

Assortment of troops, lots of late-war goodies here - rifles, grenades, assault rifles, panzerfausts.

Great figures from Warlord.

I am really enjoying painting these figures. The sculpts have a lot of character to them - they look tough and weary, all at once, and it just seems "right", particularly for troops fighting along the Eastern Front in the winter time.  The winter here in Winnipeg continues its plunge towards brutal depths (more snow, daytime "high" temperatures in the double-digit minus celsius figures, wind etc.) I am fortunate to be safe and warm, of course, but the outside conditions are helping to focus my mind on this project - hopefully that focus can continue for another one or two submissions...we'll see...

Ready for some action on the ost front...

Festooned with rifles and kit, ready for some kind of doomed stand...
In terms of points, this is another 10 different 28mm castings, so that should do for another 50 points for the pile. Up next? Well, we'll see...will focus on one project win out, or will the screaming squirrel in my brain lead me down another path?


By Paul - The charnel house of the Eastern front churns through men, so I'm sure the Ost Front Command will not complain about more reinforcements - Vunderbar!

50 points nicely done Greg


  1. Splendid job on these. They would fit in well right outside my front door this morning.

  2. Very nice indeed! These do show the ragtag look of these troops fighting the cold and the enemy.

  3. Nice work on these Germans Greg, they look ver6 cold and very grim. It must be a very measure of your comrades opinion of you if they nominate your for the role of MG mount.

  4. Super looking late war Germans!
    Best Iain

  5. More fabulous work on this project, Dude! Those are some cold, miserable and terrified f*ckers.

  6. These again look just the ticket Greg! Reminds me of my own abandoned winter project...

  7. You've done a wonderful job bringing out the character in these minis.

  8. Really great work as usual Greg! You certainly brought out the most of these, and I love the little splashed of colour brought in by the autumn colour leaves on the heavy weapon stand.

  9. These look great Greg! One day I might do a winter project....