Friday, 21 January 2022

From BenF: First Submission 0 Horsemen of the Steppe - 15mm Scyths (Klendathu) [48 points]

Here's my very belated first entry to the AHPC XII. It's great to be back for my 5th year, and this year I'm hoping to get more done than my abysmal effort for AHPC XI - one entry! That's what moving schools and having a 2 year old will do I suppose. I've actually managed to get a fair bit of painting done since the beginning of the challenge, but due to some renovations, my little Evelyn turning 3, (and a resin 3D Printer I got for Christmas) I've not had a chance to get some photos until now. 

This entry is another addition to my 15mm Late Achaemenid Persian army for Impetus 2. This is a very long running project which I began back in 2018. While the Achaemenids are a fascinating force the ornate decorations and clothing on some of the contingents are definitely a challenge for the painting mojo. There is something to be said for Imperial Romans with their plain, easy-to-paint, reds, whites, and steel. I teach a course on Alexander, and next year will incorporate some historical gaming with Basic Impetus 2 to help the kids come to grips with the  battles of Gaugamela, Issus, and The Granicus. I've already got a Macedonian force, and with the last few Persians I'm working, on, I'll finally have some Persian opponents. 

I've used a fair bit of gaming in my Extension History classes before, and last year even finally managed to get a school gaming club up and running. I've heard lots over the past few years lamenting the greying of the hobby, but seeing the enthusiasm of the 9th and 10th grade boys and girls, I think the future ain't all doom and gloom. Speaking of getting younger people into the hobby, Santa got Evie a model Spitfire for Christmas, and she loved sitting at Dad's painting table and painting her aeroplane all the colours of the rainbow. 

So, this entry is a base of Scythian cavalry, excellent little 15mm sculpts from Forged in Battle. These are armoured medium cavalry from the Patient Wolves clan, armed with lance, bow, and sword, and charging into battle under a rather grisly war trophy. Listening to Christian Cameron's superb 'Tyrant' Series while painting has given me a fascination for the horse nomads who travelled the sea of grass, alternately terrorising and trading with the settled societies to the south. It's also where I've taken the clan names from. Barry Cunliffe's exceptional book gives a really good insight into the sophisticated society. They were extremely capable warriors as well, wiping out a force of up to 30,000 Macedonian troops under Alexander's lieutenant Zopyrion in 331BC while the boy king was off conquering the Persian empire. 

Its the Patient Wolves role in destroying Zopyrion's invasion of the Bosphorus that nets me the Klendathu bonus. The colourful patterns on their clothing is all based on information gleaned from Ancient Warfare, as well as fabrics and other burial evidence. I painted the horse using contrast paints over a white undercoat. While I wasn't at first entirely convinced, mixing a few paints has given me some recipes that i'm happy with, making my lest favourite task of painting horses much less painful.

I've got some heavy Scythian cavalry, as well as a few more bases of Light cavalry in the painting queue and this will fill out the Scythian contingent - maybe even expand out into it's own Impetus army.

Next up, some more Persian contingents, Thracian and Illyrian hillmen, though I may try to grab the Glorantha bonus with some heroic Kinsmen cavalry and commanders.

Points Breakdown
7 x 15mm mounted @ 4pts  =  28pts
Klendathu bonus (failed invasion) = 20pts

From DaveD
As this is your first submission to make the cut I will process this one today. Great to see the encouragement of the younger generation - and on a Spitfire too - well done. I do love the horseflesh you have completed - its worth the wait. So welcome to the right side of the cut Millsy will be pleased - that's you back on the Saturday crew!

With that my shift is done as I have an early start tomorrow - I  will leave you to you to tender mercies of Millsy - oh yes indeed very tender .. he's not known as the G*** for nothing ..

From JonathanO - Journey to Skaro to escape "The Cut" - 100 points


Sarah's Star Yacht:

I was enjoying life in my luxury suite aboard Sarah's Star Yacht, listening to music and slowly painting some of my miniatures.  

"I wonder what is delaying the delivery of my in-suite dinner?" I thought.

Just then the door slid open and a young lady entered.  She was not wearing the normal crew uniform, but a bright red outfit.  She had a serious look on her face.

"It is time!" she said.

"Time for what?  Where is my evening meal?"

"No time for that, you have to go to Skaro and submit your first report.

"But - Skaro?  The planet of the Da....."

"Yes, that or face "The Cut"", she interrupted.  Commander Campbell's orders"

Worried, I replied "I thought I could just slowly paint all my old school miniatures as I listen to my old records and submit everything in a last minute rush?"  I looked at the old vinyl record I was about to play - specially selected for listening during Challenge XII cruise. It seemed like it might have to wait. "What does "The Cut", involve?" I asked nervously.

She smiled.  "I'd be happy to show you".  She drew a large sword from behind her back and expertly swooshed it around the room.

"Careful! I don't want to have to pay for damages"

"That will be the least of your worries"

"Okay, I'll go to Skaro and submit a report" I said, thinking that at least I had a slightly better chance of survival if I did.  "This is not quite the luxury cruise I thought I was on"

"It is a Challenge, you should have read the fine print in your contract.  I'll escort you via shuttle to Skaro."  She took a disappointed look at her sword and returned it to the case behind her back.  "Another member of my team will bring you back once you have submitted your report. Let's go!"


"Davros has survived through the millennia and appears to have regained control of at least some Daleks.  I count 5 Daleks who are currently listening to his directions.  You need to alert The Doctor before Davros and the Daleks create more havoc across the universe"  I hit SEND on my tablet to transmit my report.  I then sent a signal for the shuttle to take me back to Sarah's Star Yacht.

As I moved from my hiding place to head to the rendezvous point, I realised that I had been spotted.

"Stop him!  The Doctor must not find out that I have returned!" yelled Davros.

"Exterminate!  Exterminate!"  responded the Daleks in unison.

Sarah's Star Yacht:

 That was a close one, but I had avoided "The Cut" and Extermination. 

I was escorted back to my suite by another member of "the team". "Next we are heading to Vulcan on the far side of the Outer Ring, so you will have plenty of time to be ready to submit your next report.  We'll be making a logistics stop there" 

"Sounds logical" I said with a smile. 

No response.

"Wait... next report?"

"Yes, it is due on Tuesday".  It was the first "team member" who had joined us.  "Tamsin is counting on you to make a contribution to the Team Tuesday points total, and don't forget your Challenge target is 1000.  You need to pick up the pace!"

"There seem to be a lot of rules, are you two here to make sure Challengers abide by them?" I asked.

"Yes, we ensure compliance with Challenge Cult Rules" said the second "team member".

"Challenge Community Guidelines", her team mate corrected her.

"I had better get back to the brushes then" I replied.  "Any chance of dinner?".

They looked at each other, then turned to leave "See you on Tuesday" said the second team member as the door slid open.

"All this travelling through time and space and submitting reports is going to be harder than the cruise I was expecting" I thought. "Why are they being so hard on me?  It is not like I ate any of the orange crayons or tried to claim bonus points for painting a female Dalek."  I turned on the digital music system and looked for something new to listen to while I painted my miniatures.

"Oh! The latest episode of the Canadian Wargamer Podcast, Episode #23,352 is available - that will be perfect!"


Phew!  I am still in the Challenge - just! Still waiting for dinner though!

For points:

5 Daleks and Davros 28mm from Warlord  = 30

2 Daughters of SHIVA 28mm from Crooked Dice = 10

Locations:  Skaro and two trips on Sarah's Star Yacht = 60

Total:  100 points.

Next stop Vulcan

See you on Tuesday!

From DaveD

Ooh and under the wire alright and dodging the sharp blade of the Cutter , Tamsin will be pleased. 

You are off and running at 100 points 

From JasperO: Is this thing on? 1/56 Kfz 19 - 20 points

So the lesson is, despite not having been on vacation for two years until last December, probably don't if you want to participate in the Painting Challenge. You may get time to paint while on holiday, after you recover from the jetlag, but then you get back and have some more jetlag and if you're out of luck, like we were, you pick up some RNA that decides you're a nice host and you spend a week being sick. Net result, it's the last bloody day before the cut, but at least I recovered on time. Anyhoo...

For my please-don't-cut-me post, I present Blitzkrieg Miniatures' Kfz 19 telephone truck. For a far-too-vague scenario Guy is planning, I need to paint a German convoy on the retreat in the Summer of 1944 and I figure this would make a nice addition to a bunch of Opel Blitzes and such. It's a lovely resin cast with only the wheels and the top aerial frame as separate parts.

These vehicles were conversions on top of the Krupp Protze, with a wooden superstructure built on top of the existing chassis. Since construction of the Protze ended in 1941, I figured the vehicle would originally have been finished in German grey. You can in fact find a few photos of a vehicle later in the war that’s been partially overpainted in dark yellow, which makes for a striking pattern that I decided to try and copy. Pretty happy with the result!

From DaveD

Welcome along Jasper - its that time of the challenge for various "my dog ate my homework" posts but hey - your under the wire - and in style too . thats a fine bit of work for the  look of a tired old workhorse of the Third Reich.

And your off and running!

From JohnE - 28mm Devil - [Istvaan V] - 25 Points

Years ago when my friend was learning digital sculpting, he told me he made me something and it was in the mail. This is what came. It's based on a wood carving from the Reformation showing the Devil playing a monk's head as bagpipes. I'm planning on using it as a Lovecraftian Servitor for 7TV Pulp. Hopefully this counts as heretical.

The Original Artwork

Points Summary: 

1 x 28mm foot @ 5 points = 5 points

Istvaan V (Outer Ring) bonus = 20 points

Total = 25 points

From DaveD

That's a dark figure alright , though he's wearing some dandy threads by the look of it. Another 25 to good.

From JohnE - 28mm Flak 36 - 40 Points

Here's an Empress Flak 36 with a Luftwaffe crew that I did up as a mid to late war version for Chain of Command. Normally I loathe the thought of assembling a metal gun for the Second World War, but this one was almost delightful. It helped that the crew have zero kit and I believe were sculpted by Paul Hicks.

While photographing this I struggled a lot with both depth of field and white balance. So much so that I dug out my Panasonic Lumix and ordered a larger backdrop - fingers crossed for future endeavors.

Points Summary:

1 x 28mm artillery piece @10 points = 10 points

6 x 28mm foot @ 5 points = 30 points

Total = 40 points

From DaveD. 
Always good to see an 88. That ubiquitous piece of German kit that every WW2 gamer has. That’s a grand recreation and must be challenge to deal with . 40 points it is 

From MartijnN: Friends, Romans, Civilians (Solaris, Sarah's Star Yacht; 70 points)

 After our first landing on Vulcan we hop on to Solaris, the planet of deception and illusion. Small surprise, then, that the first person we meet there is Roman politician, senator and consular candidate Fluffius Aerius Baggus (of course, his name is actually Phluphius, but he has vulgarized its spelling to appeal more to his lower-class supporters). 

Here we see him reading a long list of promises to his followers, enumerating all the wonderful and glorious things he will achieve for them. Which list will probably prove to have been illusory quite soon, should he be elected. Even though he preaches moderation, his portly figure tells us that he has been enjoying too many of the good things in life for too long!

 As you can see, his rival candidate, Tellus Morus Storius, is arguing vehemently against him.

They have managed to draw the attention of a few passers-by. Herus Coinus Asbribus, a wealthy merchant from the City, is trying to insure Baggus that keeps to his commerce-friendly policies in the time-honoured way by offering him a little something on the side "to help him with his election campaign". 

Candidus, by the look of him, doesn't believe a word of it all. His wife, Faustina, is looking at the scene in obvious disbelief. 

Meanwhile Servus, in his own stoic manner, has decided that whichever candidate will be elected, it is not likely to have any measurable effect on his miserable life whatsoever, so that it is probably best to simply keep on doing what he has been doing all his life: carrying sacks.

These are all 3D printed figures sculpted by Iain Lovecraft. He produces a ton of brilliant figures and terrain. These are part of his Roman series and they are 32mm tall ("heroic scale"). I painted them mostly using contrast paints. The "lower class" figures received a wash of Army Painter Light tone. I found the contrast flesh tone, Gulliman Flesh, a little spotty, so I touched it up/ highlighted it in Cadian Flesh. The bases were also 3D printed and are from the Asgard Rising range.

Faustina, the second female figure I have ever painted besides the one in Challenge XI,  has reportedly booked me a seat on Sarah's Star Yacht, so that we can leave this desolate planet behind as soon as possible, to continue our journey to Skaro.


- 6x 28mm foot @ 5 = 30 pts

- Solaris planet bonus @ 20 pts

- And a trip on Sarah's Star Yacht to Skaro @ 20 pts

For a total of 70 points. And a squirrel!

From DaveD 

Thats a good selection of "civvies" even if they do make dubious promises. Its a range that certainly looks like it merits a check out .That tops you up nicely .

Fro LeeH - A Lonely Desert Fort - (60 Points)

I have started work on my French Foreign Legion but once again I don’t want to rush them simply for a deadline. Instead, I spent a little time working on somewhere for the Legion to defend. I started this at the beginning of the Challenge, doing a little bit at a time between other projects so the last push to get it done was relatively painless. 

The model is from Blotz and I can’t recommend it highly enough. The Basic kit was just £31 although what you see here includes a couple of extra wall sections so the whole model - including a spare corner and broken wall sections - came to less than forty pounds. It went together really easily. The online assembly guide on the Blotz website was simple and the model fits together with a tongue and groove type locking system so you can swap sections around. 

The French built a series of forts of varying sizes in Southern Algeria, as the railway lines and trade moved further south. They made useful bases, although the value of strong points against highly mobile raiding parties is debatable. But regardless of their military value, I couldn’t paint a Legionary Army without giving them a fort to defend… especially when the model was so good and so inexpensive. 

Points Scoring:
Including the base, this model is 19”x 12” x 3” to the top of the wall. That’s 684cm3 or 3.21 terrain tubes. However, there is a lot of empty space in this calculation (even allowing for the fact that have painted some additional sections of wall, for variety) so I think 2.5 cubes or 50 points would be more accurate. To enhance the fort I include some scatter terrain consisting of crates, barrels, sacks etc. They are made by Baueda and sold through Magister Militum. I batched them together on four bases because the individual items would just get lost. As for points, maybe 1 per base?? As unusual I leave the final judgement to Dave, as it is always a tricky calculation where terrain is concerned.

From Dave D

Oh my eye.. now this one tickles my fancy - I am very tempted for one of those in 28mm damn it they even do one  - stop it, stop it!! quick hide the credit card. 

 That's a great bit of work alright . I can just see those sweltering Legionnaires pacing the ramparts looking out for there sneaky foe! The scatter does really add somethings .I think given the whole thing and extra work extra i will round you to 60 points .