Monday, 15 December 2014

Byron's First Entry to This Years Challenge (138 Points)

This year I have gotten off to a slow start with the painting side, having fallen behind on prep work before the challenge started.  I have spent a bunch of time the last week getting figures cleaned, together and primed and ready to go for future weeks, so more to come soon.

Anyway, here is a small first entry that covers cleaning up a few things that have been kicking around for a while and that I meant to get to a while ago.

First up are a few figures to add to my 15mm Canadian / British force for Chain of Command.  Here are two sniper / spotter stands, and a HMG section.  I got these done last weekend for a game this week teaching some friends the game.

Also finished up are three units of British / Canadians for All Quiet on the Martian Front. These figures are apparently HO scale (about 18mm) but are actually slightly bigger.

All of these being small scale are painted up really quickly to just a base tabletop quality. Some base colours, inks,  quick highlights and weathering powders, and then based. Nothing special.

From Curt:
Great work Byron! 15mm is actually a great scale for skirmishing as long as you can easily differentiate the troop types/roles which both you, Greg and I do with using different shaped bases. It's a very economical way of getting into the hobby and looks great on the tabletop. I find the long rectangular bases interesting for your All's Quiet figures. What is the purpose of that in the rules? Is it to allow greater density in assaults similar to Epic 40K?
I'm going to count the AQOTMF as 20mm castings as they tip closer to 20mm.  So, 138 points! Well done.


  1. Nice work on these! 15mm is definately underrated for skirmish. Economically it's much more feasible and the groundscale is far better with them. With 28mm the minis always seem far too close to each other

  2. Lovely work, if that's you working slowly ...


  3. Nicely done Bry. Good to see some Brits and Canucks taking the fight to the invaders just as HG Wells would like it.

  4. Great work.

    AQMF count as 20's - sweet as I've got some coming along. The infantry basing is part of the rules and meant to model the waves of infantry in an assault. Game wise the impact is limiting the amount of troops that can assault a tripod via the base dimensions. They also look good in trench lines.

  5. Great work Byron - and no doubt once "the machine" fires up, I'm sure your "mad plan" will roll out in no time...

  6. Nice work! I like your basing method, I bet they look great on the board.

  7. Great work, Byron! Looking forward to another game of AQotMF some time...

  8. Top work Byron. I really like your basing style.

  9. I got my start with WW2 skirmish using 15mm, and it's always trying to lure me back with its siren call. And those AQotMF figures are just fantastic. Well done!