Thursday, 1 January 2015

From PeterT - A Mixed Bag (103 Points)

First up, all the best to everyone for a grand 2015.

A mixed bag for my third entry, reflecting (a) my butterfly tendencies and (b) the influence of the movie Lone Survivor, which I got for Christmas.

So first up are a SF group - they are actually a set of 28mm SAS from The Assault Group which have been languishing on the 'to do' pile for years. However, watching Lone Survivor gave me the impetus I needed to dig them out and paint them up. These figures are not quite as big as many of TAG's figures, and so fit in quite nicely with the Empress figures below. The figure with the sound suppressor on his M4 is inspired by the rifles so equipped in the movie mentioned above. It is actually from a the tube that carries the ink inside a disposable biro - somewhat overscale but I like it.

Next up area couple of Empress Miniatures 28mm US infantry. They follow on from the test figure I did for my second entry (thanks for the tips for improving the paint job), and so are painted in 3-colour BDU with Woodland camo body armour. Behind them is their ride, an Empress Humvee armed with a .50 cal HMG. The rest of the fireteam is on the painting table and may get added later on, if I finish them/am not distracted by something shiny.

The opposition is provided by 4 Radio Dish Dash Taliban in 28mm, which fit in perfectly with the Empress figures.

The bulk of my Taliban collection are TAG, which are much bulkier than these models. Just means I will have to buy more from Empress!

And finally, a platoon of WW2 Germans from Battlefront in 15mm. These are from the Volksgrenadier set for the Battle of the Bulge, but I also intend to use them for scenarios set on the Eastern Front in winter, such as Kharkov in 1943 and the Cherkassy pocket in 1944. One section and the CO were done before the Challenge, but are included here for completeness' sake.

This should net me 65 points for the 28mm stuff and 38 points for the 15mm Germans (two of whom are prone), for a grand total of 103 points.

PS - sorry about the light in the photos - it has been shedding down all day today and it is pretty gloomy!


  1. I enjoy your eclectic approach as I tend to ping pong from one thing to another as well. That Humvee looks great!

    Well done and congratulations on passing the 100 point mark!

    Curt: Hope you guys had a nice evening together and Happy New Year to you!

  2. Certainly is a mixed bag!! Nice work Peter!

  3. Very nice Peter. The basing is wonderful!

  4. A mixed and very interesting bag. The Hummvee is especially nice and the modern troops look quite convincing. Well done.

  5. Well done mate there is so much I like here. Good brushwork and excellent subjects.

  6. Mixed bag but a goody bag for sure


  7. Nice work! The multicam, sf, and humvee look really good!