Thursday, 1 January 2015

From PaulS - Who you gonna call? (20 Points)

Over the years I've bought and been bought too many things that were "Gifts", rather than presents. You know the sort of thing. The bits that get put at the back of a cupboard and forgotten very quickly. This year I decided it was time for a change and painted up some bits for a couple of close friends.

The first was this great set of Ghostbusters from Crooked Dice. Unfortunately I had an accident with the spray varnish as it misted up. Thankfully a coat of hand painted gloss varnish managed to fix the problem... but I didn't have any flatter varnishes to take the shine off the models... hence the photos being a bit dark to counter this.

He was so pleased with them that 5 minutes after dropping off the parcel there was an excited post on facebook with the following photograph. Made my day :)

Slimer was painted before the Challenge was announced, so this should be 20 points. Not massive, but it's a start, right?

From Curt:
'He slimed me...' 
These are some very cool miniatures and you've done a cracking job on them Paul. I love the last pic from your friend with the Ghostbuster car - brilliant!


  1. Great painting work, and cool figures!!!

  2. Excellent! always loved the film!

  3. "What did you DO Ray?"
    "Oh, shit!"
    "It's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man"

    Nicely painted :)

  4. Excellent work! Always liked the Ghostbusters and you've really done them justice.

  5. I love these guys. Slimer is qute well done as well.
    Will we see a possessed Sigourney Weaver figure? :)

  6. Checking the Crooked Dice website right now.

    Excellent work on these.

  7. Well recovered from the varnish issue, you did a great job on them


  8. Very nice! I like it that Ray is posed deploying a trap! Great looking crew!

    1. It's Egon with the trap :)
      Ray's pose makes it look like he's hugging his equipment

    2. Oops! Just noticed that! I'll blame it on the movies as I usually see Dan Acknoyd kick out the trap! ;)...he of course also wore the headgear as he is here hugging his weapon. ;)
      Movies and kids rotting my mind, I better go play in the woods for focus! ;)