Wednesday, 7 January 2015

From JamesR Javelinmen, Staff Slingers, Dwarf Puppeteer, Chaplains, and Maniac (80 points)

I've managed to finish a small unit of javelinmen for a Byzantine or El Cid army.  The models were sold by Battle Honors as Spanish javelinmen, but they'll do fine as Byzantine skirmishers.

The spears are floral wire dipped in paint.

Not a very good paint job, I wish Battle Honors ancients were still available so I could try again.

Here's three Old Glory staff slingers.  There's a dwarf who appears to be doing a puppet show, but I think he's an old Ral Partha dwarf or gnome illusionist.  The guy on the right is an old Grenadier Fantasy Wars town guard model.

There's only two pictures, because the rest were very blurry.

Here's two atrociously painted Rogue Trader era space marine Chaplains and a model from Fantasy Flight's Mansions of Madness.

I used Wargames Factory bits for his victims.

Curt should subtract a point, because has whatever it is space marines wear on their back/back pack is missing.

Next week I hope to have a pack of Napoleonic French infantry.  Here I am hard at work prepping models.


From Curt:I dunno James these figures look absolutely fine to me, I especially like what you did with the axe wielding maniac from The Mansions of Madness box - great job on the blood spatter, the grisly bits and the floorboards. Speaking of grisly, when I say I want everybody to paint their fingers off it was meant as a turn of phrase. Yeesh!


  1. I second Curt's praise of you blood spatter very realistic. I also like the Javelin men I can see them as very useful figures with a lot of different armies, historic and even fantasy.

  2. Great pic at the end mate :)

    And what a lovely mixed bag of figures to throw into one post :)

  3. I too like the axe wielding mad man. The way you did the back splatter of blood on his shirt is fantastic. Perfectly gruesome scene.

  4. Great painting work. The axe man is fantastic, a great pose.

  5. Well done! The guy wielding the axe is superb.

  6. A nice selection of models there. You always do mix them up a bit, which is nice. My favorite is the madman. Very nicely done.

  7. Great selection of models - I hope you heal quickly!

  8. I'm currently waiting for a couple fingers to grow back after my last spate of painting, so I feel your pain. Speaking of fingers, I'd almost be too scared to pick up some of those spearmen--pointy bits everywhere!

  9. I've painted up some of the Mansions of Madness minis and really like them you did an ace job with that one the blood splatter looks real cool


  10. I really like the last pic. It made me laugh. Did the axe wielding maniac cause the finger "ouchie"? (I blame Curt)>
    I do like all the figures especially the javelin men.

  11. Great stuff, James! The ancients and fantasy stuff are great, I like your puppet master! The psycho with the axe is really great! There is only so much you can do with 40k chaplains and yours look fine( if you can't find a spare backpack, I have tons)
    The last photo is grand! It is less painful if you cut away from your digits though! ;)

  12. Nice collection and that looks like how my fingers felt after assembling a bed with those bloody Allen keys shitty things. Many swears was made.
    Nice one. Cheers :)

  13. Top job. I love the puppeteer model.

  14. Quite an eclectic mix there James! I love the RT stuff but then I'm a sucker for those anyway. That you made a lovely job on them certainly helps though!