Wednesday, 21 January 2015

From MartinN - 28mm BEF Support Weapons (30 Points)

I'm really a bit proud of myself lately. Normally being a true wargames butterfly it seems like I actually manage to stay focused... well, for the moment at least.

With today's submission I'm done with my first batch of British Expeditionary Force figures.
One of my few New Years resolution was to paint up all I already have for a given project before buying any reinforcements.

So today I can show you the Support Weapons Teams for the BEF.

 First off is the Vickers MMG:

 Followed by the Boys Anti-Tank Rifle

And last but not least the  2" Light Mortar:

As I said before the first batch is done. But fear not, reinforcements are already on the way!

From Curt:

Over the past few weeks I find I'm running out of superlatives to describe your work Nick. :) Again, gobsmacking stuff here, made particularly eye-catching with the Roundwood-inspired bases (for which I've shamelessly stolen the same brick effect for my post apoc stuff as well). Thanks Sidney! I really like the mortar crewman who's without his tin hat - makes one want to yell out, 'Get something on your head, you git!'

Again, a wonderful entry Nick!


  1. Very determined unit, really great

  2. The term "pro-painted" is ridiculously overused. In your case I'd call it simply a valid assessment. Simply beautiful.

  3. I truly enjoy each of your entries. The fabric on the sandbags, the bases, the cloth that looks like fabric, metal looks like metal, and wood looks like wood....I wouldn't be surprised at all to see the wee lads stand up and move! ;)
    Great stuff, sir!

  4. Excellent work! The basing on them is top notch!

  5. Every time you post something I think WOW. And these are no exception.

    The red brick screams out and yet it looks so correct.

  6. These are magnificent - very impressed!

  7. Top quality work again, very impressed


  8. These are superb, I really like the colours you've achieved on the figures and the red bricks really work as a complimentary colour.

  9. Amazing work! Your style is so striking, almost hyper-real, and really makes the figures come to life. Also perfectly suited to the Roundwoodian brick bases.

  10. Can't say enough about the quality of the painting work on these figures - just outstanding. Incredible submission, well done.

  11. Martin, you're work has easily become my favourite of all the Challenge entries. Simply terrific stuff.

  12. Superb work again! Basing painting etc.