Thursday, 8 January 2015

From MartinN - Zombicide Survivors (30 Points)

Doing some necessary renovation work at home the last week left me with little to no time to paint. But as today is a holiday in this part of Germany I made good use of the free time and finished the six survivors from the 'Zombicide Season 1' game.

Phil, The Cop

I had my eyes on this game for quite some time but only recently gave in to the desire to get hold of it after a mate at the club invited me for a test game. And so my resolve crumbled...

They're lovely cast and well detailed miniatures with little to no flash. The figures measure about 32mm from foot to eye but feature more realistic proportions than the usual 28mm wargaming figure.

Goth Amy

The miniatures are made from coloured plastics which unfortunately is a little bendy so no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get Amy's Katana straight. Also I'm not really happy how the skin on her and Wandas' faces turned out. Painting female skin is something I haven't done all that often yet...

Wanda, The Waitress



Even if I definitely prefer the oversized proportions of the standard 28mm  figure the Survivors were a joy to paint. On all but Wanda I kept more or less to the original Zombicide artworks. But as she's my missus' favourite character and swmbho had something 'punkier' in mind for her I went for a traditional black housemaid uniform but gave her red/ blue hair to meet my ladies' demands.

Crazy Ned

Crazy Ned probably is my favourite character of this set. He's meant to be one of those more or less mentally instable persons which dedicate all their time and efforts to prepare for the Apocalypse they think is coming. Well, now Ned knows he was right all the time... if he only hadn't misplaced the keys to his bunker.

Doug, The Salaryman

Is there anything more relaxing after a hard day at work as to give some nasty zombies some serious beating while searching and looting the shattered remains of what was once called 'civilisation'? Imagine it might be your boss or some other 'dear' fellow human being shambling towards you...

Josh, The Thug

My lady and me enjoy Zombicide quite a lot and it may well be one of our most favourite boardgames over the past few years. So when you get the chance I recommend you to give it a try.

And before I forget, a quick snap shot of my hobby corner for Curt:

Any guesses for what's on my table currently?

This illustrious bunch of survivors should give me a stunning total of 30 points to add to my roster.

From Curt: 
Wow, fantastic job Nick! These are absolutely brilliant. I have a hard time picking a favourite as they are all so good.  I must say that I'm really blown away by the pale buff colour of the teen's hoodie. Perhaps its how it sets off his face so nicely. Wonderful. 

I know this will sound cheeky, but I know with your brushwork that you can pull it off: 'Wanda the Waitress' NEEDS torn fishnet stockings.  :) 
Again, great work Nick.


  1. These really are some of the very best Zombiecide figures I have seen painted.

    Not your fault but Wanda with roller skates and chainsaw is just an accident waiting to happen. One can only suppose the game designers/sculptors have NEVER used a chainsaw or even been on roller-skates! As I said that is not your fault but the companies!

  2. All of them are fantastic, a great painting work. They appear to come from a comic book with those colours!!!

  3. Brilliant stuff. Some of the best painting I've seen so far

  4. Great work! I've been meaning to paint my Survivors up too and your efforts really give something to target quality wise! And the game really is quite brilliant. Definately one of my favorites and even the missus seems to like the game a lot.

  5. I like what you did with these. Zombie stuff isn't really my thing but these look fun if most of them are highly impractical in a real world fight. I have to ask what is that thing Ned has hanging from his belt? What ever it is it will probably trip him up and he'll fall in front of the girl on roller skates and....

  6. fantastic work, you make me want to buy the game!


  7. Really nice work on these. I'm with Ian, I don't think I can hold off on buying this game for much longer.

  8. Great models, the paint on them is fantastic! I like the base work too!
    Zombicide is my children's favorite game, they have the rules memorized! I have only played three times!

  9. Incredible brushwork - these are amazing.

  10. Those are excellent. Fantastic shading.

  11. Gorgeous detail on those! I do agree with Curt... torn tights or stockings on the waitress would just finish her off nicely ;)

  12. That's some seriously crisp paintwork sir! They're simply beautiful which seems odd when talking about someone wielding a chainsaw.

    Kudos for using ripple plate on your painting desk. That's hardcore :-)

    1. Haha! I forgot to mention how much I liked the diamond plate on the paint table - very Mad Max!

  13. Outstanding work Nick! We should try a game sometime.


  14. Great job on those. I may have to keep this post as inspiration. My son talked me into going halfsies with him on this game last weekend, since his Christmas money wouldn't stretch to the whole thing. We've played every night since then. These guys will be hitting the painting table as soon as I can prime something again.

  15. Absolutely amazing, you must have the steadiest hand in the challenge. The way you paint crisp clean lines and the faces are out of control with detail. I want to buy one from you to try and copy your style.

    I think you should donate all your models as prize support.

    1. Actually, he should give them to the organizer so they can be distributed sometime in the future (ahem).

  16. Simply gorgeous work. I think Josh the Thug and Crazy Ned are my favorites, but every single figure is a work of art. Well done!

  17. Loving that workspace - serious indeed!

    Great work on the survivors, marvellous work, though the lady with the chainsaw is an accident waiting to happen!