Saturday, 31 January 2015

From RobP - 28mm Mahdist Ansar & Imperial British (262 points)

My next entry has taken me completely away from my initial plan and schedule for the Challenge.

After receiving my copy of Blood on the Nile and painting up a Victorian officer I submitted earlier my focus has gone completely/ My painting desk is littered with things to paint for the Challenge that I've started on but have not finished... The good thing however is that it gives me choice in what to pick up next when I get bored or stuck with  something..

Anyway, this entry is about Colonials. I assembled and painted a unit of 37 Perry plastic Ansars to bulk out my Mahdist forces for a game that will probably never happen... With only some riflemen and cavalry to go the total force will be around 150 figures. I think a reasonable force for a good game.. I did not manage to get the bases finished since the tufts I ordered are not in yet (...). Flags are
from the Flag Dude.

The second part of the entry is a unit of Imperial British. These figures I bought along with teh mounted officer I entered in the Victorian theme round and these actually started my move back to the Sudan.

Figures are from the Studio Miniatures Empire range (actually listed as NWF) and I will use these in the Sudan. Again very nice characterful figures, no flash or mouldlines to be seen and they paint up very easily.

This entry will put me over the line for achieving my initial goal for the challenge... and beat my fellow Dutchmen to the 501 mark...

I can now spend the rest of the challenge on Curt's entry figure and some odds and ends that are still littering my painting table.. I'll have a cigar and start thinking about what's next..

From Curt:

What an excellent entry Rob - Bravo!!  Those Ansars look to be a suitably ferocious lot.

Like you, I think it's best to run with what has you enthused at the time. I find that if I paint what has my interest my painting is bit better, as it doesn't seem as forced, and the figures seem to come off the table faster as well.  Just kids at heart, eh?

Congratulations on breaking your points target and for taking the victory amongst your fellow Dutch Water-Bicyclists (who, I must say, were cracking along at a brisk pace as well). Nicely done!

After you've finished your cigar drop me a note to let me know what you'd like to aim for your final points target. I think that after your hard-earned victory you need to wrap up with a flourish!


  1. Nice looking Sudan figures Rob :)

  2. Really nice painting work. The Sudan is a great period to paint and play.

  3. Good to see more colonials Rob. You've done a bang up job with them too.

  4. The mahdists are great! I like the mix of colors! The Brits are grand too, really good contrast on the kahki and webbing! Congrats and enjoy the victory cigar! ;)

  5. Crikey, more Sudan! Warlord have really set a lot of people off, which is great.your Mahdists look ace and British suitably stoic.

    How is a Blood on the Nile? I've not picked a copy up yet.

  6. Excellent! No more need be said.

  7. Very nice work. The Mahdists look suitably ferocious and the Brits look up to the job of holding them. Bravo.

  8. So very good, congrats on reaching the line first