Monday, 23 February 2015

From AlanD - A 15mm German Assortment (65 Points)

Well, this week sucked. I was out every night, busy with start of the year stuff at school and Cubs, and output suffered accordingly.

I did manage to get these 8 vehicles from the 7th Panzer Division painted for Battle Group Barbarossa. They are a mixed bag. First up, three Panzer IVs from Zvezda with extra stowage added and a flag made from champagne bottle foil.

Also from Zvezda is this little StuG IIIE. I think the proportions of this model are a bit wonky - it seems to be too wide - but I have a soft spot for it. I bought this kit at the Russian artillery museum in St Petersburg last year, which is a must if you ever find yourself in in those parts.

From Battlefront now, a brace of Krupp Protze trucks, which brought back fond memories of making the Matchbox kit as a boy. When PSC releases their German heavy weapons set I'll now have something to drag around the PaK36 and IG18 they're including.

Battlefront is also responsible for this Horch 180, which is destined to cart around the HQ of an infantry platoon.

And finally, a teeny tiny Pazerjaeger I, also from Battlefront. A nice little kit that comes in a pack of two, so I can use the second one for the desert.

So that's 8 15mm vehicles and 11 crew. Warm hugs everyone, Dux xx.

From Curt:

Wonderful work Alan. I'm a big fan of early war German equipment so I love seeing the StuG and the Panzerjaeger I. The stowage and aerial recognition flags really finish them off nicely.


  1. You did a fine job on these Alan.

  2. Fantastic painting work; great the grey colour of these vehicles.

  3. I do like early war panzer grey.. Very nice.

  4. Love the way you do these, great work!

  5. Wonderful brushwork Alan. They have a very battle worn look about them but it is understated and all the more realistic because of it.

  6. Very nice early war German vehicles. Really good painting and excellent stowage additions. cheers

  7. These are really nice and I remember those Matchbox kits as well


  8. Really nice, they look nicely battle worn

  9. WW2 early war will always have a soft spot in my wargaming life so I was really pleased to see these so well executed. Very very nicely done!