Monday, 2 February 2015

From BenG - 28mm Welsh Warriors for SAGA (40 Points)

This is the first 8-figure unit of warriors for my Welsh warband. They are all javelin armed to sow confusion amongst the enemy. Vikings don't like being pelted with pointy sticks!

These chaps have been painted with muted colours and have plain shields and cloaks. none of this fancy tartan and shield patterns for them! Those who feel the need have daubed the chi-rho symbol on their shields prior to battle, but otherwise it's no fuss for these hill-tribesmen!

I spent a fair bit of time cursing over my pin-vice while drilling through the fists of several of these figures to give them the second javelin. A lot of effort and very fiddly, but I reckon it was worth the effort!

The second 8-figure unit will be armed with pikes and axes for close quarter combat. The axemen will whale away at the enemy shieldwall, while the pikemen will poke their long pointy sticks over the top at the enemy's faces. Lastly will be the levy archers to round off a really tricky warband.

From Curt:

Great work Ben! Even though it was a paint to drill the addition of the second javelin really adds a lot to this unit. I particularly like the grizzled bald guy - he looks badass (if cigars were available in Wales in the Dark Ages he'd be chomping on one).


  1. Nicely done Ben, I like your choice of muted palette.

  2. Nicely done the drab colours suit the welsh, but remember historically the darker and more vivid the colour the harder it would be to dye back then.

  3. Great reinforcement for your Welsh warband


  4. I congratulate you on drilling the second hand for the javelin, I'm slightly ashamed to admit I only did that for my warlord, so well done. Nice muted tones for the clothing too.

  5. great work I really like the look of this unit and the second javelin really adds to the look.


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