Monday, 2 February 2015

From AdamC- 15mm 18th Century Civilians (40 points)

These fellow are a mix of Bluemoon and Old Glory miniatures that will act as militia for skirmish games.

The fellows with the slung muskets are all the same figure form the Old Glory 7 Years War French Infantry set.  I would love these if the left hand were at the side I am not sure what he is doing.  Waving? Saluting? Shouting?  That combined with the fact that every other figure in the set is marching with shoulder arms meant I had no idea what to do with them... but with their bayonets trimmed off they look good as hunters or militia out looking for some one.

The other figures are from Bluemoon's French and Indian War Civilian set the help break up the single pose in this militia collection

 I plan to use these in skirmish games or as markers for skirmish troops with formed units in larger battles they came out well with a nice mix of colors.

Four Sailors from the Bluemoon pirate civilian set as are the remainder of this set.

These guys have various burdens a chest, 2 barrels and a sack.  Good for helping represent a column moving with supplies.  I tried to give the sailor with the sack a checked shirt under his blue jacket, not sure the effect came off, I will try to get a better picture. 

Another civilian with a shovel and a very unusual beard for an 18th century man. 

 He may well be used as an engineer marker if I need on in a game.

 The night watchman.  From the same pirate set I really like this guy he seems both determined an a little concerned. He could be confronting anything form a drunken sailor to an angry mob or some terror the lrks at night.

I love most of Bluemoon's sculpts but very once and awhile you get one like this he's not bad but his body seems a bit large for his head and hands.

This is really to bad because I really liked the look even if it is more 17th than 18th century I like the stance i think he is calling some one out though if he means to deal with him using his fists or his rapier I couldn't say.

Finally we have a man at a desk no idea what I would use him for in a game but I like the look of him and the desk was a cool piece.  I love that blue moon coats have lase sculpted on to them it makes them so much easier to paint.

All together we have 17 figures all 18mm (which I am counting as 15mm, let me know if that is worth Curt) so that should be another 34 points and bunch of new civilians to help add color to my 18th century tables.


  1. Nice to see the 18thC getting a look in. Great work Adam.

  2. Great additions. I am sure they will look the dogs do-dahs on the table top.

  3. What a great mix of figures