Monday, 16 February 2015

From ByronM - Back to the Great War and My Painting Desk (95 Points)

Wow, it has been a while since my last post, other than the fortnight challenge pieces.  Sorry for the lack of output during the Challenge, work has been extremely busy and stressful, and its been hard to get motivated for more than the challenge pieces (which I have been having a lot of fun with).

Anyway, last year I started working on some Great War 28mm figures for both Canadian and German forces.  I finally got back on track and got 2 more rifle sections completed for the 10th Battalion force that I am working on.  Just 1 more section to go on them, hopefully to be done before the end of this Challenge.

Here they are, 2 sections each of 8 riflemen and a Big Man.  Also included is another command figure that I found sitting around for my 16th battalion, you can see him in the background with his glengarry hat.  The colours and uniforms are the same so I included him in this batch of painting, making a total of 19 models. 

Most of the figures are either Great War or Musketeer/Footsore, both of which are excellent quality, and almost exact matches for scale.

I haven't had time to create cards (or even research names for the officers) just yet, but will sometime soon so that they can be used in the Through the Mud and the Blood game.  These 19 figures should give me 95 points, and bring me a little closer to my goal, which I have been slacking on.

Also, since everyone has been showing off their painting areas, and asking others about them, I figured I would include mine here.

To try and keep everything organized, I initially made shelves for my paints, however over time I collected too many and they were 2-3 layers deep and I could never find anything.  So when I got the laser cutter last year, I decided to make some paint organizers that fit into the shelves and allowed me to see the paints and grab them easily.  Some are different sizes, as I was playing with the design a bit, but I just kept the test cuts anyway as I like the little space at the end of each row for other shaped bottles.

Also on the table is a pair of miniature stands I did up, to mount figures to instead of holding them by the base while painting them.  For years I have used dowel, but just rested them on the table, and a few times have had them fall over and chip figures.  Problem solved.

I also have a pair of oak drawer units that my dad made for me. They hold all my tools, decals, flocking, magnets, and more.  I even have two more tucked away in my miniature closet to keep other bits and pieces in that are not used that often.  They help keep everything organized and appeases my OCD.  He has even made a few for friends in the past.

And for Curt, who likes seeing whats coming up... This was taken while my Satan figure was in progress, as well as these Canadians.  However, if you look on the painting rack, there are a bunch of 28mm French Napoleonic figures in progress (although they haven't progressed much further).

Anyway, hope you all like the figures, and my painting space.

From Curt:

Wonderful stuff Byron! Those Great War Canadians look absolutely brilliant. Such clean lines and great shading - your typically excellent brushwork. I really look forward to seeing these fellows on the tabletop when I come out to visit next. 

Your painting desk is a thing of wonder as well. I have the same lights (Costco rocks) and can attest to their brilliance (literally). I also like your various organizational drawers and dowel holders. And I may have to get you to make me some of those paint dropper slot thingys - they're the absolute dog's dangles.


  1. Really top shelf, Byron, well done - and that's a great workbench as well!

  2. Your painting desk is far too organised, no doubt the sign of some deep psychosis (Ok I may be jealous and using displacement).
    Top work. The British ww1 troops look top notch and are bound to give the vile hum a proper pasting before tea time.

  3. opps HUN not Hum. But you had already worked that out!

  4. Nice BEF troops Byron :)

    That desk looks far too organised ;)

  5. Great looking figures and the work space is a thing of wonder


  6. Excellent work - I also really like your painting bench.

    You've got a laser cutter! - I am most jealous

  7. Great work Byron! Your hobby area is deceptively organized and clean. Some might suspect some cleaning was done for a photoshoot :)

    1. Lol, you think? Yes, normally at least 15-25 paints are scattered beside the lamps as I work, because I tend to pull down new colours until I am done a project. I do tend to keep it clean though, as I work from home 1/2 time and it is right beside my "work" desk and it would drive me nuts looking at it all day if it wasn't at least "tidy".

  8. Very nice figures indeed, like the basing as well. Nifty workspace you've got there, optimal use of the available room as ever I saw it.

  9. Beautiful work on those Canadians, Byron!

    And I am always amazed at how neat and clean everyone else's painting desks are, compared to my painting "junkyard!" Those paint pot organizers are a great idea!

  10. Great work and I am jealous of you painting set up.

  11. Great work Byron - and congrats on getting them finished!

  12. Lovely figures Byron, I really like the colours on the uniform. Glad to see someone else shares my OCD approach to painting desks.

  13. Great painting work, and your painting space is fantastic, with a lot of light.

  14. The Canadians look wonderful! Nice tidy brushwork!
    I am envious of your desk, mine has every inch packed with something, although making room is what helps me complete stuff!

  15. Excellent painting and a very tidy desk. looks like a great place to produce masterpieces in minaiture. cheers

  16. Excellent painting and a very tidy desk. looks like a great place to produce masterpieces in minaiture. cheers

  17. Really jealous of your painting desk, mine is an abomination. Great production with these figures!