Tuesday, 3 February 2015

From JamesR - 28mm Centaurs (65 points)


I finished a small pack of Centaurs.  I wish they counted as mounted, for the points, but I can't find any legal precedence to make the worth more than five points a piece.

Here's a picture of them all together.  Everyone but the standard bearer is a Mega-Mini.  I have no idea if Mega-Minis bought the molds from someone else, or has since sold them. Mega-Minis have great stuff, but their catalog constantly changes.

Here's a couple that are quite Greek looking

Here's the standard bearer and one that almost appears Asian.  The standard bearer is an old Ral Partha or Grenadier sculpt; I wonder if Tom Meir made it.  It may be quite rare, as I can't find much on them using the Google machine.

Here are a couple evil looking centaurs.  I was debating calling them Anti-heroes for Curt; I simply can't think of anything clever for the Anti-hero challenge submission.

Here's a few more classical style centaurs; they strike me far more like the wild ones of myth, who get violently drunk and go on booze-induced rape and killing sprees.  Then Heracles or someone will have to kill them all with poison or tricks.

Love and Kisses,

From Curt:

Awesome! I really like seeing all these various interpretations of centaurs - very cool. Your banner bearer conversion worked out very well and, yes, he does have a Tom Meir look about him.

In regards to points, I'll split the difference with you James, so 7 points each plus a bit more for the standard bearer conversion.

Great job!


  1. Those are just great. I'm collecting sources of centaur models as I want to do a skirmish warband some time soon. I hadn't though of Mega minis, so thanks.

  2. What a great bunch of figures. All the better with the great painting as well. Never seen these before. Cheers

  3. That's quite a herd. I have always liked centaurs but have never thought to paint a herd.

  4. really nice stuff, very unusual figures but a cracking mix of styles. Great paintjobs too.

  5. Love them, I may just have to look into getting one or two for my campaign


  6. Very cool figures. 7 points per figure seems like a fair compromise, and well earned.