Wednesday, 4 February 2015

From JamieM - Royal Navy and Curtgeld Anti-hero (65 Points)

You know those times when you start a biggish project..... And it goes slower than you'd hoped so you lose a bit of interest...... So you decide to squeeze in a small bit of painting something else on the basis that new thing will be really quick and will give you a new buzz to crack on with the big thing..... Then the quick thing takes longer than you think, so you try to find something else even smaller..... And suddenly your painting table is so full of half finished things that you can't see the wood for the trees!

Well, that's been my last few weeks. But I've finally finished one of the mid projects, so here it is!

These are Royal Navy figures from Black Scorpion, 8 regulars and an officer

Inspired by all you historical types, I actually researched historic uniforms and it turns out the Royal Navy have a special page showing uniforms through the ages to mark some special occasion at the moment - sorted! Using that, these figures seem to be a mix of a couple of eras, but that's good for me as I don't worry too much about real history when wargaming (heresy!). I went with the red jackets which were chosen because it was the cheapest material apparently, and not because it hid the blood as popular myth would have it, the article told me.

Mostly white and black for the rest of the outfits as they seemed pretty standard colours over a long period of time.

The officer got a natty blue coat on the basis I wanted something a little different to make him stand out.

Tut, and my memory tells me that Admiral/Lord Nelson always seemed to be in a blue coat when I've seen him in pictures. I also went for a conversion by adding a large blunderbuss on the chap behind him to give me something else to use in gaming terms. The pistol wielding chaps will probably be NCOs. I have no idea what game I'll use these with, but I have a bunch of pirates painted from ages ago (these were bought at the same time and neglected) so no doubt something will crop up.

Buoyed by my spectacular historical research successes I decided to do the same for my cost of entry to the Challenge anti-hero. So I turned to what I'm sure we can agree is the seminal work in the area.....

"But how are pirates anti-heroes?" I hear you muse...... Well, if you'll all turn to page 7 in your texts....

That's right, Privateers. These chaps were (barely) legalised pirates, who were ok by one side as long as they only preyed upon the other. So they were simultaneously hated and feted, depending on who you asked. As the text notes, Sir Francis Drake was a famous Privateer and the fact that piracy was ok if your king or queen said it was is really rather baffling given the rules of war and all.

Anyway, another miniature by Black Scorpion gave me the figure for this one

It's a Governor figure, but I thought the parchment he is clutching could easily be his Letter of Marque, officially proclaiming him a "good" pirate. Business has clearly been good, given the gold lacing and the expensive purple waistcoat beneath his fine coat.

So, there are two of my smaller projects complete and here's hoping the clearer paint station means I crack on with the larger project now.

From Curt:

Ah, a wonderful entry Jamie! Those Royal Navy Ratings look the business - especially the chap with the blunderbuss! I love your Pirate book reference source ('With Wipe Clean Pages!') and of course the fabulous Privateer himself. I think it's brilliant that you used the 'Governor' casting as he definitely does cut the figure of a successful privateer (the wig is brill). I very much look forward to adding him to the other heroic miscreants in my display cabinet. Thanks again!


  1. Very nice work on all of these Jamie :)

  2. Very nice indeed Jamie!

    Good to see you sighting primary sources for your research as well. Regards the "wipe clean pages", that is perhaps something Osprey should consider given their audience and the likelihood of paint, thinners and such being around. :-)

    Care to share the URL of the naval uniform site with the class?

    1. Very good point, I should have done. Here it is, very informative it was too and straight from the horses mouth, as it were

  3. Great work, especially the Governor/Pirate


  4. I have thought about getting these figures for myself as they are so nice. Top job on them all. And I am sure Curt will be very happy with the guvnor figure.

  5. well done! they look like those of the "Carribean pirates " movie;
    Johnny Depp is inspiring many of us;-)

  6. I think your first paragraph sums up my challenge experience. Great work, especially on the pirate.

  7. Great painting work. The pirate captain is fantastic!