Thursday, 12 February 2015

From MichaelF - 20mm Shermans, trucks, jeeps and an M10 (120 points)

Well, I might be the most boring contender this year as I stick to the olive drab theme and there is no sign the OD miniature pile is reducing. In fact, it grows bigger each week as I discover more and more cool OD stuff available in 20mm.

After I painted the previous three 75mm Shermans this entry includes two 76mm Shermans (PSC) and an M10 (MMS) so I at least have a chance to actually damage the insane German armour I'm facing.

Also two more jeeps (SHQ with AB crew), 2 trucks (SHQ) and a 'Ben Hur' 1 ton trailer.

I thought this entry would provide me the necessary points to make target next month. But I noticed Rob claimed victory in 'The Dutch Contigent' side challenge and raised the bar with 200 points to 700.

Congratulations Rob! I'll eat those Italians next week.
And I'll take the 700...but no more cheating with the bonus rounds guys. I demand painted points, (and tufts:) so no freebies from Curt!

And don't get me wrong here, I love the bonus rounds. Just not for me this year. Too many, too much distraction from my goal to get this army painted. Maybe next year I will do 'Bonus Rounds' only, should be fun..


  1. Very nice and on with the Olive Drab. cheers

  2. I am with you on the bonus rounds this year and like you may try just bonus rounds next year.

    Always good to get more 20mm ww2 finished. They all look superb.

  3. Great submission. you are nailing the green on the vehicles


  4. Great job on these, the colour of the vehicles look spot on to me.

  5. Very nice; this is a really clear painting work.