Thursday, 12 February 2015

From MilesR: Arab / Israeli Wars in 6mm Part 2 (155 points)

Submitted for your approval is the second half of my 6mm Arab / Israeli Wars project - the Israelis.  I've modeled a armored battalion with some support units which is a very powerful unit.  I'm planning to use these mini's with the new Flames of War Rules supplement "Fate of a Nation".  I think FOW actually looks better in 6mm scale and its A LOT less expensive to try out an army in 6mm than 15mm

 First up are 10 M-48 Patton tanks up-gunned with a 105mm gun.  The Israeli's renamed the 105mm armed Patton's as the Magach 3 (or Ram) and these were some of the most effective tanks in the Israeli's arsenal.

 Next up is one of my favorite tanks of all time the M-51 Isherman - it's a venerable Sherman tank from WW2 with a new suspension system and up gunned to a 105mm canon - think a Firefly on Steroids.  Most of these tanks were issued to reservist units in the '67 war and were instrumental in demolishing the Jordanian forces.

Behind the Shermans is some artillery support from some M-109's

 Ben Gurion Centurions - the Centurion is another one of those tanks that makes it to my favorites list.

 Some highly mobile Anti-tank assets in the form of an AMX-13 light tank and some jeeps armed with 106mm recoilless rifles.  Trying to paint 6mm scaled Jeeps is a rather difficult proposition.

 An Israeli infantry platoon - very powerful and highly motivated troops.  I'll add some paratroopers to the force at some point.
 I also added some reinforcements to my United Arab Republic army....
 5 more T-55's and 5 more T-62's

Some anti-air in the form of 57mm ZSU's and some "old school" anti-tank from SU-100's

That's it for this project at total of 65 armored Vehicles, 7 jeeps and 36 infantry figures for a total point tally of 155.

This submission pushes me over my 2,000 point goal so I guess I should follow the recent trend and update my goal - lets raise the bar to 2,500 and see how that works out.

From Curt:

Nice work Miles! The French AMX-13 was such a wonderfully wacky looking tank - it's great to see it here in microscale. I also like the infantry bases you've made - the desert groundwork really makes them stand out. If you want to try another ruleset, aimed at a higher level of command, I can heartily recommend 'Modern Spearhead'. It gives a great game and has some very clever rules for fog of war and targets of priority.

Also, congratulations on hitting your points target - Bravo!! I'll mark you down for 2500 points for the run-in. Best of luck!


  1. Wow! Now that is quite an entry Miles. Congrats on breaking your 200 point target with a third of the Challenge remaining :)

    1. oh, for an edit function for comments - 2000 point target :)

  2. Miles
    Nice bunch of figures, even if it is in micro armour (which I regard as an abomination that needs to be erased from the earth).
    Cheers, PD

    1. Ha!

      Please forgive me and my "Abominable Tankmen" we apologize for any affront our existence has presented to you.

      Hmmm, I always thought Canadians were supposed to be a friendly, happy go lucky lot. Maybe this winter's particularly cold and biting. I've heard that extreme weather conditions has been know to trigger irrational hatred of all things micro armor. Lets not even talk about Pico armor....


    2. Don't worry Miles, Peter is from the eastern seaboard so he's really not representative of the rest of us here in Canada. (Really, years of eating cod, having to listen to sea shanties and having your underwear washed in salt water will push anyone over the edge.)


    3. Miles
      OK excuse the rant. I will admit that the vehicles are very nice, and the infantry look much better than some. What make are they? It kills me that people actually paid money for the old GHQ infantry, which to my mind rank as so bad that they insult my intelligence and are the only toy soldiers that I failed to recognize as representing people (as opposed to ammo dumps, linear obstacles etc).

      Also I like your idea of using 6mm for FOW as what I really to old school micro-armour mindset - space invader games where the tanks line up and blaze away for about 20 seconds of "real time" after which the two surviving vehicles move on.

      Anyway I like the stuff, but my eyes are too old for micro armour. Now 54mm armour...

    4. I suspected Peter might be the victim excessive salt induced friction from his underwear - really nobody should ever be subjected to such a horrible fate. Sodium Shorts Syndrome (or SSS) is a terrible affliction. Maybe we should put on a telethon for him?

      Peter - my take on the GHQ stuff is that the armor is very good but the infantry, oh the infantry, is horrid, bad, awful - in fact it's only redeeming quality is that any other manufacturer can say their stuff is better than GHQ - GHQ infantry is the the miniatures industry as what Mississippi is to the other 49 states...

    5. Well the salt will make my shorts tastier for the two of you. And yes I was literally raised in a family that spent it summer evenings on a wharf drinking rum and bellowing Celtic and Maritime folks songs.

      I would say that coming from the east coast, we are exposed to a much wider variety of life and thus have a better idea of what we like and don't like.

      As for Curt's province of birth, well it is the most vanilla of places imaginable and the locals are do emotionally repressed I swear that they must be toilet trained at gun point.

      Any way, I like your army but am not a fan of the scale.
      Cheers PD

    6. Well Miles, I rest my case... :)

  3. Arab Israeli wars is back in fashion again. I would like to have seen some t34 85s as well as they were still used in the 73 war as well by both sides.

    Great job on these. Would love to see more.

    1. There were 15 T34/85's in my first micro armor submission a few weeks ago. I've played a few games with the army and surprisingly the T-34/85s have proven fairly deadly as they get ignored while flanking

      I'm having a fun time playing FOW in 6mm but will never again purchase GHQ infantry - I'll be looking for better substitutes!

    2. Miles, check out the Adler range of 6mm figures - their WWII range is excellent.

  4. Lovely force, got to look great on the table in fighting formations


  5. Great looking figures Miles, the mass effect must be amazing.