Friday, 13 February 2015

From SanderS - The 10th Mordaunt's Dragoons (81 Points)

Dear Ladies and Gents,

Today I'd thought I'd bring you another 20mm unit, this is my rendition of the British 10th Regiment of Horse or Mordaunts Dragoons.

This regiment was part of the cavalry of the second line of the Allied army at the battle of Minden in 1759. The uniform detail as well as the background was obtained from the excellent Kronoskav site I've mentioned before.

Ever since deciding to dive into the 7YW, I  wanted to paint units with a distinctive background and within coherent larger entities like brigades or divisions. 

I have already painted the 3rd Dragoon Guards and still have the Greys to do. I am still in doubt whether to paint the Hanoverians for the "line" as well since this was not originally part of my plan. 

This is a unit of 10 mounted men and if I am not mistaken should amount to 80 points in total.

As so many have done already, I also include a picture of my study/ man cave ;-)

Cheers Sander

From Curt:

Wonderful work on this unit Sander. The paintwork is clean and vibrant with the uniforms but I find the horses look especially fine.  Lovely work.  

And speaking of lovely, I really like the layout of your study - it's very bright and well organized (and a veritable advertisement for IKEA!). Looking at your room makes me think of our recent trip to Holland (good memories)!


  1. me gusta el diseño de tu estudio, espero que sigas haciendo muchas cosas fantásticas en él

  2. Beautiful job on these Sander! Your man cave and work space is something I envy.

  3. Great stuff Sander! I love the SYW website too, it is a gold mine,.

  4. Superb work and a great looking man cave - I wonder if Ikea knows how many of us use their cabinets?

  5. Lovely dragoons and I do like your cave :)

  6. The figures are as fantastic as your study


  7. Superb work! And an excellent looking man cave! I'm envious!

  8. 20mm really such a good scale for so many projects. And these prove that point. They really are very nice.

  9. Lovely looking unit, nice study too.

  10. Great painting work and fantastic room!

  11. I like how you did the unit. Your den is fantastic, makes mine look like a cave.

  12. Lovely, great work on these, and excellent room!