Sunday, 22 February 2015

From TeemuL - Curtgeld (20 Points)

Here's my so called Lurtzgeld. I have a feeling, that Curtz already has this same miniature in his collection (at least he has the wounded Boromir from the same boxed set), but I can't be sure. Anyhow, it seems to be one of the hot topics this year to paint something for Curt, that he is just starting to paint...

This Lurtz with bow comes from the Ambush at Amon Hen boxed set, which was released before the first movie came out, if I remember correctly. I didn't by the set then, I regretted it afterwards, but then late last year I was able to buy the set second hand. So I stripped of the paint and applied the paint of my own. I have painted Uruk-Hais in the past, so I had the color scheme ready. Of course the leader needs a little bit more special attention and details. Anyway, the recipe is limited amount of earthly colors, different browns, black and dark metal, lots of washes. Lurtz has a bit of worn look, he has been marching for days (and nights) and cleaning the equipment is not something I believe Uruk-Hais are interested in.

Lurtz is a villain, I don't think anyone can argue with that. A servant of Saruman on a mission to capture the ringbearer hobbit, almost accomplished his task and killed Boromir among other things. He is not a named character in the books, but something Peter Jackson & Co added to the movie.

In the movie the Uruk-Hais have the White Hand of the Saruman hand-painted on their head or helmet. I have painted them on the helmets and occasionally on the shields as well, but Lurtz has neither. I did't want to mess his head with white paint, so I left it out. Does it mean he is in fact part of the ImagiNations? 

No white hand on the pretty face, just two evil eyes and a bunch of teeth.

This little fellow should give me 5 more points. With the Hot bonus round points and this I should have reached my initial target of 500 points, do you agree Lurt? Let's see if I can reach 700.

From Curt: 

A wonderful miniature Teemu, thank you (I particularly like his creepy light eyes)! 

I'm not sure if we can sell Lurtz as a classic antihero, especially to the Forces of Light, but perhaps to his Uruk-hai bretheren he might be considered an antihero as he slew Boromir, captured Merry and Pippin, but was shamefully bested by that nasty Ranger, Aragorn. 

It works for me. :)

Thanks again Teemu, it's much appreciated!


  1. Not totally sure he is an anti hero, but he would be if the books were written from a different stand point. What I am sure of is that he is a very decent figure.

  2. Lovely painting Teemu - those eyes are particularly spooky. It would definitely have been a shame to spoil his face with the White Hand :)

  3. Those eyes are sooooo creepy. Great work


  4. I'm not trying to sell Lurtz as an antihero, that is not necessary. :) The entry fee can be an antihero, rogue or person of dubious character. Just read the rules. ;)

  5. I like him. I think he looks good without the warpaint. It's always hard to come to grips with that choice of covering your careful flesh work.

  6. Nice work, Teemu! Good detail on the face!