Thursday, 15 January 2015

From Millsy - Space Marine Veterans & Predator (40 points)

I'm rapidly approaching the completion of my home-brew 40K Space Marine chapter which I must admit is something of a relief. Each of these last units seems to take an inordinate amount of time to paint up as I've left the most complex and detailed to the end. Doh!

In this batch we have a unit of five Veterans with close combat weapons and a Predator Annihilator (that's a big tank for you non-40K peeps).

The Veterans are all my favourite "beaky" style helmets and have a two-tone red/green scheme with gold helmets (to indicate their Veteran status). Like all 100 or so previous metal body and plastic armed chaps these have had their arms pinned in place and yes I did drill each and every one by hand. My doctor says I'll be fine so long as I stay away from crowds and keep taking the tablets.

They each have pimped up jet-packs with extra gold widgets and wing thingies for extra woot. The sergeant also has a natty loin-cloth covering up Emperor-knows-what...

Until now I've been pretty light on with armoured support basically because I like painting infantry and hate painting vehicles. Painting this beast I remembered all the reasons why. I'm a bit over the top when it comes to pimping my rides and this is no exception.

I've added loads of icons, a pile of custom made Mechanicum-style gear tooth extra armour and several other bits and bobs. All that means loads and loads of careful edging, nooks, crannies and general faffing about. Looks OK though...

You'll note there is absolutely no light weaponry like MGs on "Big Red". That's because I envisage he's something of a WWII German Elefant-esqe monster designed to kill other tanks and not much else. Anything on foot that gets near him will be dealt with by someone (as opposed to something) else. I hope.

I've got one more AFV to go which might appear in next's weeks batch if my eye stops twitching. I might also have a few more infantry but I've got no idea where they are right now. Like that's never happened before...

From Curt:

Millsy, I can't remember, did you start this force with us a Challenge or so ago or was it a previous project? No matter, I've always really enjoyed watching your progress with it. It reminds me of the heady days of early Rogue Trader where GW actually encouraged people to make up their own Space Marine Chapters.

 I love the punchy colours of this army, especially the bold choice of combining green with red - which can often go terribly awry, but the tones you've chosen work marvelously well together (especially with that judicious touch of gold you introduce from time-to-time). The Predator looks, well, very predatorial!  Nonetheless, after seeing the behemoths coming out of Forge World it will need every las-cannon it has to keep up with the arms race.

Great job Millsy!


  1. Very nice painting work. Really fine and clean colors.

  2. Nicely done Michael!

    Dost thou have another post for today? Perhaps a paint bomb :)

  3. Good work! Even if you are not that into vehicles it still turned out great! Getting close to completing any project is always a great feel! Congrats on that!

  4. Beaky marines are still the best space marines. Back in the old days we were all encouraged to make our own marine chapters it is pleasing to see this practice continue. Nice work mate. Keep them coming.

  5. Great colour scheme. It reminds me of something else cool but its on the tip of my brain

  6. Lovely job matey, especially the extra gold widgets!

  7. The veterans look great, Millsy, as does the predator. The red and green look very good together with all the gold shiny bits!
    I don't dislike painting tanks, I just always paint the infantry as I can usually complete 10 or more in a week easily, whereas tanks seem to take FOREVER to complete!

    1. Amen David! Maybe because I procrastinate so much where they are concerned :-)

  8. Thanks for the positive comments folks!

    @Curt, I started these back in mid 2013 so last year was the first time they appeared in a Challenge (my second).

  9. Looking good there, Michael - though TBH, the word 'procrastinate' has never really been part of your vocabulary!

  10. Beakies remind me of RT days too, great work!!

  11. Yes, "hear, hear" for the beaky Marines and for making your own chapter. The color combo is fantastic, but then again it's a very common one where I come from.

    I'm pretty much your exact opposite in that I love painting vehicles and always get really impatient with infantry. To each their own, I guess.

  12. Great stuff, bold like 40k stuff should be. Count me as another one who thinks beaky marines are the only "proper" marines :)

  13. Lovely work Millsy! And yes, the beaky marines are the "proper" marines, as others have stated.

  14. Excellent! I really like your colour choice for the vets. The gold sets them off nicely. The Predator looks nice.

  15. Every piece is fantastic but the tank is jaw dropping good


  16. Very colourful. Normally I like to see my tanks weathered, chipped and dirty, but the Predator is so much nicer all pristine and colourful. Very cool. The Marines are awesome as well.

  17. great job, but the veterans and the car look too clean