Friday, 8 January 2016

From GillesW - They are back on the field - 15mm Carthaginians (172 points)

Here is my submission for this week. This year I am painting, or I should I say "repainting", the early Carthaginian army I had for the DBM rules, and the new model army for Field of Glory ruleset.

I will explain why and what I do on the figures on my blog to update them.  Here are the commanders:

Here are some  lybio-phoneician hoplites:

The figures are a mix of different ranges from the various 15mm manufacturers noted in the labels below. The Schythian figures are  from Xyston Miniatures, I also have a project for them this year.

This submission is a total of 73 footmen, 5 horsemen, 1 chariot with 3 crew.

Be seeing you;-)

Gilles - bon travail! These are wonderful figures.  I would love to see some more closeups of those hoplites - they definitely look the business! The detail on the horsemen and chariots is also impressive.  I'm a pretty rusty fellow when it comes to ancients, but I expect the Romans would be a little nervous to come up against this lot on the battlefield - well done!  And I'm sure the many Challengers who game ancients will chime in with some more useful feedback that I can offer..

Not only do these looks great, they net you 172 points for the Challenge - great work!


  1. Lovely work, Gilles!

    I'm looking forward to seeing some elephants next - they always bring a smile to an old wargamer's face!

  2. Oh wow Gilles, these are just lovely and shame my unpainted ones sitting in boxes. The lybio-phoneicians are especially beautiful!

  3. Really nice, I think the Scythians are my favorite.

  4. These look great, I especially like the heavy chariot with three blokes standing next to each other - mind those elbows!

  5. I only ever bought Donnington figures once and was not impressed so it is good to see someone else tackle them well. I shall enjoy seeing more Carthaginians as the challenge progresses.

  6. Gilles
    Your sending me back 30 years on these guys, as early Carthaginians was a very project of mine. Well done!
    Cheers, PD
    Yes bring on the Heffalumps!

  7. Awesome looking Carthaginians! These hoplites certainly do look the part.

  8. thanks everyone!
    so I must change my schedule on general demand ,and find enough elephants for the parade;-)

  9. Grand units of hoplites! Very nice detail you brought out on the command models too!