Friday, 15 January 2016

From SanderS - The Russian Bear, Crimean War 15mm (140 points)

Hoi Folks,

Here's part two of my "Khaki-Project" the larger part of my 15mm Crimean War Russian army.

There are 3 16 man infantry regiments, the colours are tin foil and I more or less freewheeled on the design.

There are also two cavalry squadrons of 4 men each:

Oh and a gun served by 3 gunners:

After painting these I still have to do their British counterparts but probably not for this Challenge, I now do know I do not like to paint 15mm figures, way too small for me. I'll stick with 20mm and 28 mm.

Cheers Sander
Sander, this is an excellent entry.  Crimean War is another period that has always piqued my curiosity, but intimidated me at the same time too much to try it, so I love seeing the efforts of others. Your brief reference to the unit flags being made from tin foil and the colours being done freehand belies, I suspect, a considerable amount of effort - particularly as I think they turned out quite nicely. Well done.

I am a huge fan of 15mm myself, but I can relate to having a certainly feeling of "scale remorse" after I've embarked on a project.  Perhaps some time and work on other projects will offer a chance to re-connect with 15mm, and the Crimean War, as I would love to see the Brits for these fellows to come up against. 

I think anyone who spends time messing around with tin foil to come up with hand-painted unit flags deserve at least a LITTLE extra, so this will net you 140 points.  Great stuff!


  1. Fantastics, the flags are great and I really like the cannon

  2. Awesome work on the flags Sander and the troops are pretty neat too. Nice stuff!

  3. Great little buggers! The crimean war indeed is a quite interesting topic.

  4. Tin foil flags ! Oh yes that's the way .. Great job

  5. Very fine work, Sander! These are very nice and you are far too humble! ;)

  6. Very nice, I'd love to try Crimean War gaming some day.

  7. The wonderful thing about our hobby (other than the people) is the diversity. Not a period I know much about but the figures do make me want to look into the period.

  8. Very nice. Crimea War is a very interesting period.

  9. These look good. I've often been tempted by smaller scales but have figured that they would not be a good project for me based on how I like to paint.

  10. @Greg: thanks for posting and the extra points for the flags. I use paper flags pretty often but whenever I think I can paint the device myself I will add a foil one. The tin foil is great for showing battle damage and is far sturdier.
    I will do some other scales first and than finish the Brits but I doubt I will go any further with this scale since I really do like my 1:72 stuff and have heaps on the unpainted pile still.

    @ all the others: thanks heaps for all your kind encouragements. For me the Challenge is more about the feedback you get and are able to give than the ranking itself. I fear I am not able to post comments to every contribution made on the blog but will try to do so whenever I have the chance!

  11. It will be a shame if you turn away from 15mm you have a knack for it, hope you do start the Brits