Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Wednesday so soon...

Well the Tuesday mob seem to have been productive - and grand to see Nursey take form (great job there Clint)  - see we told you she was "formidable" ....

OK Wednesday crew - what ya got...

So a little musical interlude to start the day....

Wednesday Morning 3.a.m

The day job is dragging me across the country today on what masquerades as public transport run by highway robbers (Virgin Cross Country) .. - so its pretty much the time I will be up and out at!

I will post an updated points score later today when I get home - as the Work Tech Dweebs decree no Google Sheets without filling in a mountain of forms....and my will to live with them expired....

Posts will go ok though

Have a great day people...

hmmm must go - there is a funny smell - nope its not "mind bleach"... I think it might be revenge slowly cooking...


  1. It appears that my Nostalgia round entry has started something.
    First Millsy gets revenge on me and somehow drags Dave into it, now Dave is plotting a revenge on Millsy, but who else will get caught in the crossfire?

    With only 9 weeks left will everybody be able to get their revenges in before the Challenge ends?

    Stay tuned to find out folks! :)

    1. More importantly, does Miles have a spreadsheet to track revenge and tell us who was most effective?

    2. Maybe two separate measures - points earned and page views for each submission.

      Of course, my Nostalgia entry can't be included as there was no revenge element, just mickey-taking :)

  2. Dave
    Hope you day goes better than you predict....Love the choice of music. And time on trains and waiting on platforms can be well used in plotting revenge.
    Cheers Peter

  3. I'm going to try and push through to get something in today. "Family time" over the three day weekend and a dental implant yesterday knocked me off my schedule a tad.

  4. 18 hour day later...

    I hate trains...

    All post up to date ,and score table adjusted

  5. The train alongside Platform 4 is the Docherty Limited, stopping at odd moments and in unheard-of locations to take on passengers and a cargo of bleach, decongestant, and rubber goods.

    All aboard!