Monday, 15 February 2016

From Curt - 3mm Napoleonic Portuguese Infantry and French Light Cavalry (40 Points)

Well, since I've been riffing on Napoleonics this weekend, I thought I'd just switch scales and keep on rolling. 
Here are six mixed stands of figures for use in Sam Mustafa's Napoleonic rules, 'Blucher'.

First up are three stands of Napoleonic Portuguese infantry - the 'fighting cocks' of Wellington's Peninsular army.

I've given them each a screen of brown-uniformed Cacadores and a light gun. They are led by a red-coated British officer.

The colured hash-marks on their front edge are to indicate both their nationality and to aid in gameplay (line-of-sight, movement, etc.). I think I just need four more bases of these and I'll have enough for their entire force during the period.

Next are three stands of French light cavalry. Two stands of Chasseurs a Cheval and one of Line Lancers. 

I organize my light cavalry in two lines, the mediums are in three and my heavies are packed-in with four lines. As an example, below is a base of cuirassiers leading in the center with light cavalry on its flanks and rear (note: the cuirassiers were painted pre-Challenge).

In the rules each of these stands roughly represent a brigade. They all have a 2 inch frontage (the cavalry and artillery have a slightly larger depth). At this scale a square foot on the tabletop is equivalent to a square mile in game terms. This allows us to have very large engagements on a reasonable sized tabletop. If you're interested in reading more on the topic, I continue to prattle on the subject here.

The first and last shots are of the stands in and around my 6mm Mediterranean hill town from Total Battle Scenics. Even though the scale is off between the two, the figures and the terrain actually work quite well together. The pen in the picture above gives you an idea to the size of the figures and bases.

As for points, I'd suggest 1 point for a strip of ten infantry, and 1 point for every five cavalry. This should fit in fairly well with our current scoring matrix. Hmm, maybe it's a bit light, but let's run with that for now. So, with this being the case each of these bases comes in at about 6-7 points - let's settle on 40 points total? Does that sound okay?

Thanks for dropping by and I hope you all have a great day!
Great stuff Curt, I look forward to Blustering away with these teeny tiny lads.  Far be it for me to argue points with the Snowlord so 40pts it is.  I've seen similar bases of Curt's up close and they look just as good in person as they do in the pictures.  


  1. Lovely stuff! There's always that certain appeal of the really small scales. Larger formations just look really nice. But darn 3mm is getting really tiny! 6mm is already starting to be quite tricky to paint at times, can't imagine what it's like when the minis are half the size.

    1. Thanks Samuli. Yeah, with these guys you just keep it to the basics: national uniform colour, flesh dots, black shako and bayonet. Done.

  2. That is cracking, eye bending work Curt!

  3. Lovely work Curt - you've even gone and painted the horses different colors at this scale. That's just bonkers! :)

  4. They certainly work. Gives a real impression of mass

  5. Excellent work, I really love your 3mm work


  6. If I was to do Napoleonic's this would be a great scale. There really is nothing about them I do not like.

  7. Nicely done Curt, I have been basing up my 6 mm figures recently and hope to get some Blucher in soon. I have been looking for some terrain and Total Battle Scenics look like just the thing.


  8. Great stuff - yet another scale to be tempted by. At least they'd be easier to hide from the wife!

  9. And I thought 6mm was small... excellent stuff mate, these look excellent.

  10. Great work dude. The terrain is a perfect match as well...funny, the tricks of the eye, etc. etc. This is a great scale for big games, and you continue to do excellent work my friend!

  11. 3mm Curt really? Man I thought these were far larger if I hadnt read the title I would not have believed my own eyes. Great stuff!

  12. Gorgeous stuff Curt! Wonderfully painted and based mate, they have a real Peninsula feel. As with Ian's small-scale stuff I love the way these look like proper units. I love my 15s but I can see the attraction!

  13. I think they look great in that scale, and work well with the town.

  14. Always impressed by what you guys manage to create in these 'smaller' scales. This certainly looks like a fairly large force. Excellent work all round.

  15. Wow, and to hear others say the wee scales are just blobs of color...we'll done, Curt! These blobs are very nice and far more colorful than I could manage! I like your base formations, and they do look proper with the village!