Monday, 15 February 2016

From AdamC- Green and White Knights (93 points)

 These are Mounted Sergeants from Fireforge Games.  A friend of mine and I split them as part of a trade.  He only need three so I got nine or them.
 I gave each of these guys a different cloak. They could make one large unit or three units of three figures each. I have them based with six on two horse bases and three on single bases for easy of marking casualties
 I did the shields in green and white with gold to tie them together as a unit and with the rest of the army that I am building for Dragon Rampant.
 I made most of the horses dapple gray to indicate the guys in charge of this unit tried for uniformity.. but we have a few alternative colouring horses to simulate remounts
 This group of three has all hand weapons, you can see the flail and Sword you get lots of weapon option for your sergeants and to restock your bits box with this set.  Looks like I need to touch up that bridal. (opus)
 The third fellow has a mace.
 The command group lances including one with the unit banner a gold St. Andrews cross with white "stars" in the quarters and white lace on the edges
 Our commander with his Mace held high to encourage the troops or to bring it down on a foe.
The figures have great facial details my limited skill doesn't show what you could to with them.  There was a circlet around his head that I made into a bit of crown, the sort a prince of the blood might wear to highlight his importance. 28mm horsemen are 10 points there 9 hear so that's 90 points the hand painted banner and shields have traditionally been an extra point each (at the judges discretion) for a total of 100 points.  Editor's note:   You're a bit to hasty on this one Adam!  My understandings is 1 point for a flag and a few bonus bonus points for shields as a whole.  Consider than Ian just dropped 48 Hoplites with hand painted shields!

Great unit of Horsemen Adam.  I've not had hands-on experience with the Fireforge plastics but I like what I see.  I do have a hard time with anyone using a two headed morning star flail on horseback, it sounds like a receipt for disaster.  It is great that you can trade figures and share box sets with a fellow gamer, Curt and I have been trading shields, figures and various body parts with our Italian Wars projects.  Your idea of the unit favouring a certain colour of horse certainly has historical precedents in the Horse and Musket era so why not in the Medieval era!  
Nice work of the shields and basing.  And I beg to differ on the facial close up, I  think that's one of your best faces - you've captured the shading and beard nicely.
So points wise I make it 90 for the figures, 1 for the flag and 2 for the shields for the unit. 


  1. The two headed flail is a bit dodgy I will grant but it looked too cool to ignore. Points seem fair. Thanks

    1. I probably couldn't have resisted either. BTW the opening shot is very effective.

  2. And we get more and more.

    Very nice work, keep them coming sir


  3. Replies
    1. Thanks I tried to make them unique but uniform the cloaks helped me do that.

  4. My word you can paint quickly Adam! Great stuff.

    1. there are at least 5 people who paint faster :). Thank you.

  5. There is much here to admire. I like the horses being of similar colours, I see no reason not to as I am sure some commanders would like the idea as well and only buy certain colour horses.

    Not a fan of the two handed morning star in real life and definitely not while mounted. But then I have a guy on a motorbike with a chainsaw and that is probably worse lol

    1. Thank you Clint, I figuer the matching horses is something many officers/lords would want to do in peace time... once your on campaign have sound hourse is all that matters. Some times you just have to go cool even if it isn't quite acurate :)

  6. Nice group of riders, Adam! You guys are making Fireforge hard to resist! I see possibilities for proxies into Lots since GW dropped the older stuff.