Wednesday, 10 February 2016

From EvanH - A Thoroughly Decent Chap (5 points)

Is it Thursday already...?

I've been down with a very nasty case of lurgi, and so have been unable to maintain my usual blistering pace. I was only able to complete one figure before being struck down (O, cruel fate!).

But I'm back on deck now, and hope to be painting in double figures next week. Well, two figures technically counts as 'double figures', doesn't it...?

I spotted a post on BillA's blog a couple of months ago, detailing a fundraiser being run by Bob Murch, the creative force behind Pulp Figures. Bob had produced a special figure for Movember, the men's health charity, and made it available to anyone who donated to this excellent cause via his page.

Well, as I had already contributed to Movember on a local level by sponsoring this crime against nature and fashion...

May God forgive me for what I helped unleash upon the world...
...I felt I should throw my support behind the international effort as well, so, one donation later, this thoroughly decent and splendidly-moustached chap was winging his way to me from the frozen wastes of Canada.

Bob has dubbed this exemplar of manhood "Captain Krustache of Kashgar", but as I am a participant in a Pulp RPG campaign, I foresaw a new role for the good Captain; he would play the part of Ranulph Cloamsby, late RN, Cambridge scholar, member in good standing of the Esoteric League, nemesis of occult foes, gifted amateur middleweight boxer, and a dab hand at Ancient Chaldean inscriptions. He wears a wolfskin vest in cold climates (see last month's adventure, The Esoteric League and the Blasphemy in the Arctic - Chapter 3: Where Demons Dare!) and carries twin Webley-Fosberys, so as you can see, this figure was tailor-made for my character!

So here he is, all painted up and ready to battle the forces of evil;

"Righty-ho chaps, so which way to these Mountains of Madness then?"
He's staked vampires, punched demons (yes, PUNCHED DEMONS), and shot his way through legions of tentacled horrors, all the time wearing his prized university scarf.

So that's an impressive five points! Watch out, Alex, Martin, Miles & co...

What's next? Well, I'd like to claw my way back to 60th place some time soon, so stay tuned...!
Hmmm.... You do a good turn and raise a few quid for charity and look what happens! I'm going to be the big man and let that one go through to the keeper Ev, despite the fact my inspiration for the tash Boonie would never have let that happen without a fight.
So what about this whole figure you've knocked out then? Pretty darn nice if I'm honest. The scarf is particularly good I must say and I do look rather good in those jodhpurs. 5 glorious points for you sir and I won't even deduct anything for the commentary on my charity mo. Cheers, Millsy.


  1. Aaargh... Good god man.. That is not a sight one wishes to see with ones breakfast,,, but well done on the Mo Millsy

    Nice job On the figure Ev..

  2. A good snort of a write-up and a great figure to boot! Well done Ev - Full marks!

  3. That's a cool hero. A great cause as well. cheers

  4. I like that figure a lot. He's got so much character and you've painted up so well. That scarf really sets him off. Also I like your description of him-very cool.

    Good on you for supporting Movember!

  5. Very nice work, hope that cold or other ailment is through soon


  6. Great painting and write up Evan, but good god man..."Nurse! The mind bleach - stat!" :)

    Millsy - good for you on the fundraising effort :)

  7. Good job on this guy, great tash - I can't do the facial hair thing as it makes me look like I've got my head on upside down

  8. Superb stuff! I feel the call of pulp...

  9. That is one crackingly good figure.

  10. This is a cool model, and one done for a good cause as well. Great paint up on it..

  11. Really like that figure and the scarf turned out really nice. Thanks to my ancestors, any facial hair I grow makes it seem like I suffer from mange.. ;)
    Hope you get feeling better, if not I have a 7 bean 5 pepper chili recipe that will clean out both ends! ;)

  12. Very nice one of my favorite figures for this years challenge.

  13. Good job job Ev! You've got a ways to go to catch up on your figures Stache, but then again I am face-fur challenged.

    1. Whoa. Just watch it. I've had my beard for over 20 years now, that's Millsy in the pic! Which explains Tamsin's need for the patented mind-bleach...

      And if yer Dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two Mums!
      ; )

    2. My chin doesn't need o compensate for my scalp's inadauacies (I have a full head of original hair colour)

    3. I'm not sure if I should apologize to you or Millsy over the misidentification.

  14. nice paintwork on a nice figure !
    it's strange how our hobby can influence our real life ;-)

  15. Thank you, lads and lasses, for your comments and encouragement - I hope to ramp up production a bit next week (maybe even as many as THREE figs!), so I'd better get back to the workbench tonight and get busy on the latest primed batch!


  16. Fantastic work, sir, and thank you for the shout-out!