Tuesday, 16 February 2016

From FranL - 28mm Aliens Vs Predators Boxset Painted.........almost! (110 points)

I blogged that my mate Vinnie sent me an extra boxset from the game AVP he had received. Now Vinnie has the passion for certain wargames genres but not much time (or sometimes the inclination), I have painted some pieces for him over the years so I decided I would paint the boxset figures for him so he could start playing straight away....and it's his birthday!

 5 Colonial marines, not too bad, one of the figures (middle one) has a ridiculous pose with his leg up in the air so I sculpted some greenstuff to at least make him stable!

3 Predators, nice sculpts........

14 Aliens where there should be 15 but the new rescue dog the missus brought home is the main suspect in the dead alien...........

So 22 28mm figures, dodgy pictures and a need to up my points total as well.......

Nice painting Fran. But really, blaming the dog for the missing Alien? "The dog ate my homework Miss!".That will be 110 points for you, and 100 lines of "I must not blame the dog for missing Aliens"


  1. make sure you get a picture when that missing Alien burst through your dog's chest.

    Good painting Fran.

  2. Well done Fran such a nice gesture.
    Dogs in my experience NEVER eat homework. You are much better going with "Aliens stole my Homework", it is slightly more believable!

  3. Just receiver the alien when umm the dog is finished digesting

    I expect a fullest!

  4. I think we need to get a dog, so I have a handy excuse! My theory is that the alien has embarked on a mission of world conquest.
    Lovely looking minis Fran

  5. Vinnie is a lucky chap, nice work


  6. nice paintwork Fran , well done!

    my prefered figures are the predators ( after Arnold of course;-)).

    1. I hear there's a set of the heroes in 28mm metal?

  7. Really great. Maybe the alien is waiting in hiding somewhere. Be concerned if you get really bad stomach ache soon

  8. A wonderful and thoughtful gift Francis - well done.

  9. Great stuff Fran, the Aliens specifically look truly menacing. I sure am glad not to be one of those puny humans caught in the middle between the hunter and well...more hunters.

  10. That's a lot of nasty stuff! Nice job Fran

  11. Nice work Fran and a great gift!


  12. > one of the figures (middle one) has a ridiculous pose with his leg up in the air
    He's probably sh1tting himself! :-) Nice work Fran.

  13. Nice! Good to see these, I was wondering what they looked like.

  14. Awesome. What a great gift. They look really good. cheers

  15. Nice work, Fran they all came out really well, I like the colonial marines! ;)