Friday, 5 February 2016

From SeanR - A Knight of a Different Colour (5 points)

So it's been a little while, but I've got my latest entry completed.

This is a Lord-Celestant model from Games Workshop's Warhammer Age of Sigmar range of Stormcast Eternals, with a shield from another model replacing his hammer. He's basically a space marine in a fantasy-style setting, and every time he dies an angel gets its wings he gets resurrected and forgets stuff.

I'm proud of my work on him, it's the neatest base coating and highlighting I've done so far and the gold has a few layers with a hint of purple, and some purple as a spot colour on the belt and some straps.

I mainly chose him as an excuse to try out some turquiose colour (mainly GW's Sotek Green) - it gives that fantasy, bubble gum feel to the model that's a contrast to some futuristic and historical models I'm working on.

Unfortunately my photography has let the work down - I need to do some reading on other things to try so I can level up that skill. Does anyone have any good articles, or tips to suggest?

Dramatic foot on rock with shadow in background pose. Good for knights and politicians everywhere.
He's on a 40mm base, and is a bit larger than your average 28mm human-sized model. I'm not sure on the points for this guy - 5ish?

Well Sean, you have really done some great paint work with this fellow.  I have to admit the whole "Age of Sigmar" thing doesn't work for me, but your pride in the outcome here is justified.  This guy looks ready to smash stuff and people to bits in a very righteous and dramatic fashion.  The colours look great, and the effects are excellent. He has come down from the stars to smite in style!

I struggle with hobby photography as well, so can't really offer any useful tips, but a number of the Challengers are pro photo takers, not least of all Curt, so I'm sure they will chime in with some info.   The lighting is the trickiest part for me, but there are some great apps out there which can help with that once you have the photo to work with.  Others will have much better advice, I expect!

Points-wise, bulky as he is, he still fits in the 28mm range, so he will add five points for your score.  Great work - is there a larger Sigmar force brewing behind this fellow, or is he the last one?


  1. Very nice indeed, the shield works perfectly with the figure.

    The whole piece of work stands up beautifully


  2. I really don't like these models either. I've tried but I just can't do it.

    Having said that, I think your paintwork on his is superb Sean, especially the gold which has lovely depth and must look even better IRL from what you say about the photos. It goes really well with the turquoise too.

    I do love how in the last photo he's casting a huge shadow, kind of reflecting his power...

  3. Very nice work, Sean! I too am a fan of the turquoise and GW scaly green.
    My photos are horrible and I rely on Micigan natural light which is overcast mostly this time of year.
    I am very good with 35mm, but with processing times and kodachrome demise...cell phone it is! ;)

  4. that is a really nice looking model, well done.

  5. That's lovely work, the new figure range is slowly growing on me. For tips on photos, there are some good ideas in this post:

  6. Can't believe this is only worth 5 point. Excellent work. I too have photography issue, I'm not a photographer. My only advice is to ti ker with the settings and buy lots of led lights

  7. Really fine painting on this gent.

  8. You have every reason to feel good about this guy. You're skill has come up several levels here. Absolutely beautiful on such a complicated piece.

    This is how I do my photography: I use three lights. One that is directed straight down on the mini. One on each side of the mini, set to angles so the both lights hit directly in in middle of the figure. There should be no shadows cast and the mini should be absolutely flooded with light. Then I take the photo into photoshop and do only auto levels and auto curves and then sharpen. These are global corrections so what you see is what you painted. I use cheap clamp on shop lights with 75Watt bulbs.

  9. Very good choice of colours. The figure does look superb. A hard way to make 5 point but a quality way.

  10. impressive paintwork on this impressive piece!

  11. Thanks all, the comments and photo tips are greatly appreciated. I'm happy for the 5 points - the full painting experience was well worth it.
    Yes there's more Stormcast in the 'to do wardrobe' but next up will probably be some 28mm WW2 Americans to get some points up.

  12. I am with Millsy all the way on this figure. I cannot seem to warm to the miniatures themselves but your paintjob is excellent and does them great honour!

  13. Really nice, a wonderful painting work!

  14. Great figure Sean! I quite like the juxtaposition of the turquoise with the aged gold - a very nice combo.

  15. Only five points? Shenanigans!