Friday, 5 February 2016

From JamieM - Bearers of the Word (100 points)

When the plan for the AHPC was released, I knew the end of January and the start of February would be tough given my work schedule...... And it's been brutal, with no posts for the last two weeks. My last big meeting was today though, so damned if I'm going to make it three weeks with no posts!

As it is (technically, just, still) Friday here, I can post this. I came home, sat in front of the TV with my painting tray and finished the last couple of hours I needed to do on these chaps. Phew.

The Wordbearers continue to grow, with the second rank and file troop finished. Twenty jump pack troops with a sarge. I wanted to make the Wordbearers a fast attacking close combat army to differentiate them from my salamander army.

Those with a pedantic HH bent will note that whilst the marks of armour are those used in the Horus Heresy (marks IV and VI), these are actually the 40k jump packs and not the 30k ones sold by Forge World. My reasoning/excuse is that my cardboard box of discarded marines included 11 jump pack troops. And my mate had 8 spare jump packs. And the leader could have an unusual one to help mark him out. So I could either pay for a very expensive Forge World unit, or convert the armour to the correct marks and use the jump packs for free. Sometimes gamers can be thrifty, so I'm working on the basis these are the earliest, trial versions of the new jump packs, given to the Wordbearers as they expanded their ranks, ready to start their insurrection.

Anyway, slightly guilty self justification apart, these have the same religious nutter writing as my other Wordbearers, all done with decals and copious amounts of work to blend the decals in. So remind me not to do anything like this when I'm busy at work as it was VERY time consuming.

I am jolly pleased with them though and with them being done I've finished the main rank and file and can move onto some of the more unusual units for the army..... And as these chaps consort with daemons, they have some properly odd units!

Twenty figures at 5 points each nets me a nice round 100. It's nice to be back!

Well Jamie, I'm really worried that you are not focusing on your work.  And while I would LOVE to give you 100 points for this submission, the lack of proper Horus Heresy back packs, and the fact that you are killing me in the Horus Heresy side duel, means I'll have to actually dock you 200 points.  Lorgar would understand...

Ah, just kidding. Well done Jamie! Great to see some more adherents to the sinister, spooky Wordbearers and it must feel great to have this starting to round out into a proper force for the table.  I would love to have these fellows join up with my Sons of Horus to stomp some dupes of the so-called Emperor!

100 points Jamie - well done!    


  1. Congrats on getting this in despite such a busy schedule!

    Well done!

  2. very nice marines. 30K seems so much more appealing than 40k.I am enjoying the side challenge very much. Keep them coming.

  3. Nice work on these boys Jamie! :)

  4. Brilliant rendition of one of the most iconic chapters in the Galaxy ;-)

  5. I really dig the inscriptions on their " prototype" jet packs! ;) they look very fine and I'm a fan of the muted brick red it looks deeper than the scarlet I usually see them in. The color choice just helps stand them out from the herd of all those bright red marines and suits these fellows just fine!

  6. Some more great looking Heretics!

  7. Serious looking heavy hitters Jamie. Nice work!

  8. Great work Jamie, I really like their base armour colour and purity seals/inscriptions. Very cool.

  9. Nice one! There's nothing like a deadline...