Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tamsin's Tuesday Trifles

At least I hope that's what the chef said. I do like trifles. Maybe he said triffids though?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are currently cruising at 30,818 points on our way to the revised target altitude of 71450.

Apologies for any confusion last week about the target altitude. It seems that a gremlin attacked the control box and hid some of the target values from the gnome who does the calculations. This of course resulted in a lower target altitude than we should have had. And guess who spotted the problem? Yes, that's right - petite moi!

So apart from the trifles (yay!) or triffids (boo!), what do we have lined up for you today?

Six posts from three Rejects, including the debut from one* in the main Challenge
Some other posts from non-Rejects
A possible visit from his excellency the Snowlord.

*Yes, that "one" is Ray himself. It appears that he was delayed by Customs and Passport Control.

At first they mistook him for a skunk until another passenger in the queue explained he was in fact a badger..

Then during the search that he was trying to smuggle budgies aboard,

Apparently he has rather a lot of checked luggage in the hold, which look suspiciously like sandbags.

So, sit back and enjoy the flight. Today's crayons will be purple and orange. Posts will be a little later than normal today.


  1. Hi miss Tamsin,

    could it be possible to hide my face on photo, Number 2 don't know that I'm on holidays on this beach of Portmeirion? thanks in advance for your help.

    all the best.

    Number 8 " I'm a free man!!!"

  2. "he has rather a lot of checked luggage in the hold".... is that a euphemism for something?!?

    I really shouldn't read your posts while drinking. Choking on laughter and squirting coffee out my nose doesn't look very professional in front of my colleges!

  3. Tamsin: really that last picture? Like really? Was that necessary? Do you want to scare people away?

  4. I'm with Sander on this one Lady T.

  5. There's a whole internet of images to choose from and THAT'S what you picked?!?!?