Monday, 1 February 2016

For Monday AdamC: Monsters for the Hunt (75 points)

 Here we have a pack of creature for Chris Rett's Monster hunt game at Huzzah! With an Artisan Viking 25mm  for comparison
Here is a close up of the biggest guys with the comparison. These are an unknown manufacturer but they are fine figures that should be good prizes.
 First is the Naga a nasty snake faced man sometimes with magical powers
 I went with a striped patter to keep it simple.
 A ghost I when with back and light blue gray this time.
 I think he came out pretty well.
 I'm not sure what these guys are they are small but I think they are still roughly 25mm scale.
 They could make a good scout or spy type unit
 Scorpion in shiny black. Indian Jones told us that that bigger is better with scorpions but I think he would say this one is too big/
 I used a little red in the "veins"
 Here is a close up to see the red.
 Giant Ape, there is actually a better contrast than my picture captures here. You will have have to take my word I guess.
 I am happy with how his silver back came out.
 Yon can see the side view here its a great pose.
 Two Skeleton archers
 and the back view of the same.
 A manticore both back and front
 I think the lion body came out well I am less pleased with
 And now we have a second Dragon.  I went green this time.
 I used two shades of green and a block wash
 The spines teeth and red mouth really pop
 Finally an Ogre a nasty brute
 A very nasty customer, his breeches need a lot of patching and a good wash, so does he.
For cheep plastic figures there is a lot of detail.  There are 13 figures in all here I'm counting them all as 25mm scale but Peter may adjust up or down as he wishes.  The spider of the same set was counted as a 25mm vehicle but I do not wish to presume.

I am running out of brain power, so I apologize that my commentary is getting brief.  Great job on these critters Adam.  I like the sliver back and the dragon, but my favourite is the Manticore - I've known cats with the same smug expression.  I'll could the dragon as a vehicle and the rest as infantry, for a total of 75.


  1. Thank you! Very fair points wise Peter. Now gets some rest and feel better next week.

  2. Nice beasties and baddies Adam :)

  3. The dragon, defiantly the dragon :-)


  4. A cracking menagerie Adam! That Naga is the coolest one I've ever seen. They always seem so weedy by comparison to their powers but not this guy...

  5. A whole heap of Monsters. Nice work. cheers

  6. Blimey Adam! You sure are pumping these figures out!

  7. I really like the ghost and the scorpion!

  8. A collection of weird and wonderful monsters. They take me back (in my mind) to the good old days of playing D&D.

  9. Nice nasties you have there! I agree with Lee: the dragon is very cool!