Tuesday, 8 March 2016

From BrettM - Tanks, half tracks and Zombies! (297 points)

I have had a lot of projects going on and just not the time to take pics and sit down to upload them. So here are several that I have been meaning to get up. First up the rest of my German box set Ramsch's Charge

Using the airbrush I made the camo lines a bit to fat. Then used the wrong wash I believe as this looks more dirty/brown wash as apposed to black wash I meant to use. I have gone back and forth and like it but realize its not "historically" accurate. However I think it would actually camouflage the tanks pretty well in trees etc.

Just a close up of all the commanders in the tanks and the passengers in the Half tracks. 

Next up is the last of the Grimballs Beats set. The final 3 Pershing tanks

Nothing much to say about these other than damn they had some long barrels on those guns! I painted these the basic US WW2 color and added some drybrush mud around the tracks. 

I thought the name Lil' Joe was appropriate for this beast of a tank compared to the Sherman. Tex..cause "everything's bigger in Texas" and Porky cause well its a big tank

Last up that has nothing to do with WW2 unless you are doing some weird world war 2 like Dust is some Kings of War Zombies. 

I do enjoy painting these Zombies from Mantic. Now though I have plenty for Kings of war so it will be on to skeletons and other undead units.

 and one more pic

Point wise I have come up with the following 3 Pershing tanks =18 points 12 German vehicles = 72 points. 6 infantry in the half tracks =12 points and 39 zombies = 195 points. I did not count the commanders in the tanks as didn't know if those counted or not. Total points 297

Blimey, that is a large and varied entry. Nice work on the tanks and half tracks; the zombies look suitably gruesome.
The tank commanders do count for points, but as vehicle crew are only half points I'll just leave things "as is" and accept your points calculations. The same applies to the half-zombies! Well, it's my last tour of duty as Tuesday Minion after all.


  1. I like the zombie holding a head as a weapon! and great productivity there!

  2. Thanks All! Didn't even think about the half zombies only being half points lol. Makes sense though!

  3. Who's to say this isn't historically accurate camo? By all accounts crews used anything and everything they could get their hands on including house paint and engine oil! I like it...

  4. Well done Brett. I'm with Millsy on the camo.

  5. Yup, I agree with Millsy, camo was a pretty variable thing in the German army, especially during the later period. Great work. I have some of these Mantic zombies as well and they are a riot to work on.

  6. Nice eclectic mix! The armor does look fine with the camouflage, and with the German vicks you never know just how much was the oil leaks! ;)
    I really like those zombies for the brushwork and the animation. I may have to get a frame or three of them! ;)

  7. A whole fleet of tanks and a horde of zombies. Two of my favourite wargames things. And these rekindle my interest.

  8. What a great sub, who can't enjoy a table full of Zombies


  9. Tanks a million, Brett! But I can't come up with a zombie-themed pun, so we'll leave it there...

    What a points bomb though; the undead are especially good!