Wednesday, 9 March 2016

From KeithS: A Gaggle of Goblins (115 points)

I spent the weekend at Gary Con doing much gaming (including some great minis gaming), but I did manage to finish up a project that I'd started before I left.  This is a group of 23 goblins from the first Reaper Kickstarter a few years ago (#24 is MIA).  They're more or less scaled for 28mm, but I think they'll work well as 25mm Orcs.  They came based for dungeon crawling, so I stuck with that, only adding metal washer bases for magnetic storage.  They'll be my first foes for the dungeon adventurers I did recently.

Here's the obligatory group shot.  There are three types -- spearmen, mace, and archers.

The mace (or Morningstar) up close.  I missed up their tunics colors some, but stuck with Gygaxian ideas of rust and blood.

The archers.  A dark and evil lot.

From the rear.  You can see a lot of bend in some spears.  I thought I'd fixed that prior to priming, but they have slowly settled back.  Oh well, normally I'd get all OCD about it, but for some reason I'm OK with these -- must be because they're twisted Goblins!

Spearmen from the back side.

Archery line.  They had a fair amount of little detail to the figures. 

Overall a simple, straightforward project that will give me some foes if I get a chance to use them in a D&D game.  These will be my last entry, save for the special event one for this weekend, which I will endeavor to avoid forgetting to post!

As a p.s. I was in two miniatures games at Gary Con.  The first was "Light the Beacons:  The Kin Strife of Gondor" a civil war in Gondor several centuries before the events of Lord of the Rings.  I was Castamir the usurper.  It did not end well (I was so busy I took only a few pics, plus the lighting was awful).

Next up was Orc's Drift.  I was a mere subordinate in this one, in command of the rifle section on the left flank (bottom) and the rear defense (lower right, mostly off screen; the very first die roll of the game saw that poor rifleman  on the right to take a fatal arrow to the head).  Our small band of men faced many, many times our number of Orcish attackers.  Thank goodness for the Martini-Henry rifle!
The first defensive line is overrun, but most surviving soldiers make it back to the second line!
While we had rifles and they did not, many of them wore chainmail and carried shields, an advantage over bayonets with just guts behind them!  A really, really fun game, and the reason I've got into this hobby! (for the record, the British held, with 5 of 24 KIA and many wounded; three Victoria Crosses were awarded by the judge).

Orcs drift.. classic..but can they sing...and you have been gaming - what a week! I agree the archers do look particularly nasty..


  1. Nice to see a good dark goblin skin tone Keith. Very cool indeed.

  2. Very nice work on the gobbos! They look just like I expected them too from D&D! The Orks Drift game looks like it was great fun too!

  3. Great gobbos. Nice scuplts. Looks like some fun times gaming as well.

  4. Love those gobblins Keith. They remind me of the old skool citadel and ral partha sculpts of the late 70s and 80s. That Orcs Drift game looks like it was a great time.

  5. No! I have a guy in my wargames club who wants to do Orcs Drift. I have put him off for years and will strive to do so for many more years. Please no more pictures of the game in case he see it and it re ignites his interest. I would not mind but he expects ME to paint all the Orcs and the British and Pay for it all as well.

    Right Rant over and back to the figures. Great Goblins they should serve for all the D&D you will ever need.

  6. Those gobbos look great They've a certain oldskool touch to them, that quite appeals to me.