Tuesday, 15 March 2016

From LeeH - 6mm Flak 88 Battery (20 Points)

This will be my last submission to the Analogue Painting Challenge and for me its something of a 'belt and braces' entry as I have already reached my target (or I will when the bonus round points are added). My last entry is something of a mish-mash of vehicles and guns from different manufacturers that sort of make a cohesive unit, but frankly doesn't conform to any army list.

Flak 88 Battery & support vehicles

First up are two Flak 88 Anti-Aircraft guns deployed in an anti tank role. The Germans were quick to realise that their powerful Flak gun could not only hit aircraft at high altitude but it also gave them incredible hitting power over very long distances horizontally. High velocity combined with flat trajectory and a wide flat landscape made these guns absolutely lethal in the desert. The preferred tactic was to set up the guns in prepared positions and draw British tanks into range by using their own tanks as bait. These guns have a few 'kill rings' painted on their barrels to show that they have already been effective in a previous battle.

Supporting the 88's are two groups of additional Artillery crew. I couldn't fit the guns and crew on my normal sized base (at this scale I use small FOW bases) so I decided to mount the crews separately. The 88's are from Heroics and Ros while all the Artillerymen are by GHQ. 

I have also painted a command stand consisting of a commander and radio operator next to a Kubelwagon. Also present are two Kfz15's, a Kfz 17 radio car and an SdKfz 7 half-tracked truck.

Five Vehicles, two artillery pieces and sixteen infantry figures should net me a final 20 points to add to my total. I have literally run out of units to paint both for my WWII North Africa project and my Punic War project, at least for the time being. So that's me done in the Challenge this year. It's been an absolute blast and I look forward to seeing everyone else's last entries over the next few days. Now I need to go and lay down in a darkened room for a few days!

Lovely work Lee. The 88s look great on the round bases and I like the crew, officers and staff car arrayed behind them. 
As a historical addendum to your post, many think that the 88 was first used in a ground attack role during the early years of WWII, but in reality the gun was utilized this way while in service in the Spanish Civil War, fighting against the Republicans.
It was great having you join us Lee. You're microscale work was such a treat to see and you did great service as a pinch hitter, helping us in our pursuit of our overall group target. Well done! I look forward to having you with us next time we roll out.


  1. These entries have been a real joy to see. Look forward to a whole compilation post!

  2. Lee, thanks for coming on board at such a late stage and putting in such a sterling effort. You have delivered some terrific work, in scales which would drive most of us mad!

    Well done!

  3. You 6mm stuff makes me want to dive into the period Lee. Absolutely gorgeous! Glad you managed to join us as it's been a privilege to see you work this year.

  4. Wonderful stuff again Lee, you've been an inspiration.

  5. Wonderful tiny guns and gear. Excellent work and progress. Been a pleasure to watch your project make progress in this Challenge. cheers

  6. Great work Lee. Has been a real treat to see all of your stuff rolling out.

  7. Another 6 mil thrill. Personally I have seen FAR too many wargames with the synonymous 88's, but very few as good as these in 1/300th scale.

  8. Love the 88s. Gaming North Africa is one of my hobby bucket list items.

  9. I was unaware of the 88's dual role. I'd imagine the tankers were not to thrilled too! ;)
    Beautiful work on the wee scale again, Lee! ;)