Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Form BrettM - Skeletons and Union Soldiers (150 Points)

Finished up some Kings of War skeletons. Since they are rank and file type troops I painted them exactly as my previous entry. However added some of the different heads from Mantic.

Here is one Skeleton with a crow on his head picking out whats left of his Brain

I like the one with the axe stuck in his skull

Here is the start to my Union soldiers. Finally getting to the Perry miniatures Battle in a Box set

Here is all of them in one pic that are done so far
 A view from the left of the group
And the view from the right of the group.

Total of 30 figures at 28mm. So I am showing a total of 150 points. Less than a week left to finish another 22 Union soldiers and 42 Confederate ones!! Its crunch time!!

Great work Brett! I've worked on the Mantic zombies (which are great little models), but I've not tried the skellies yet. These look very good. I quite like the vibrant red shields, and the dark groundwork really makes them pop. 
Also, nice work on those Damned Yankies. I think you nailed the colour for their trousers (which can be a bit fiddly), otherwise you pretty much can't go wrong with that iconic uniform! A very nice skirmishing unit. Well done!


  1. Nice one, Brett! Will we see Skeletons vs Union Infantry any time soon?
    ; )

  2. Nice skellies and bluebellies Brett :)

  3. Nice work Brett. Love the green glowing eyes...

  4. I thought for a second it was Union vs Skeletons. Very nice work.
    Axe in the head....nice touch. Love the basing on the skeleys as well. Cheers

  5. Undead armies NEED loads of Skellys. These do not disappoint, nor do the Union Trppers.

  6. Wonderful work on them all! I'm looking forward to adding to my ACW with more Perry and those look very fine...but I really like the skellie getting his brain picked! ;)