Tuesday, 15 March 2016

From SteH - One Final Hurrah, 8 GW Cobra Gunships for BFG (32 Points)

That's right, I've managed to squeeze out a few final models, this time a few GW Battlefleet Gothic ships. I honestly didn't think I'd enter anything else however I got the urge to hit the paints last night and just after midnight I rolled into bed happy with the thought that I'd completed something else.

These boys are to support my existing Imperial Navy squadron and will provide essential flank protection against those pesky Chaos raiders, which some of you may remember we're one if my submissions from last year's challenge. 

I've included a picture of one of my previously completed battlecruisers for reference. Weirdly I don't even play BFG anymore but I do enjoy the minis and fluff that goes with it. Hopefully GW doesn't destroy it in their never-ending quest for profit over content!

And yes, being the tardy soul that I am, I always intended these to form part of my Nautical bonus round submission.

Unfortunately I have no idea what scale these models are nor how many points they're worth, I'll happily accept whatever our most noble host deems suitable!

Now can I squeeze out one final model before the end?

Hate to break it to you Ste, but GW, in it's infinite wisdom, killed BFG back in 2013, along with the rest of the Specialist Game line. Sooo, I say smoke 'em while you got 'em. :)
I've always liked the design of the BFG Imperial ships. Really, who can deny spacecraft that have fuselages which feature buttressed cathedrals and prows built for ramming? Yup, it's completely bonkers, but I love it. Your colour scheme for this group is great Ste, especially with the silver and gold highlights. Very nice work.


  1. The incense must tax the atmosphere scrubbers to their limits...
    ; )
    Great job on these ships, Ste!

  2. Great to see some BFG stuff painted up! Love the aesthetics that they had. Too bad that it got the axe with the rest of the specialist games line... Here's to hoping that it will be resurrected now that Specialist Games is back up.

  3. These look properly predatory, nIce work!

  4. Love BFG, and great to see some ships pop up in the Challenge.

  5. While not holding my breathe for GW to re-release BFG I can at least enjoy looking as these splendid ships.

  6. My favorite escorts from my favorite game! ;)
    I like your color choice for the fleet too! You can still get them on ebay, occasionally someone posts a reasonable price for them...