Friday, 18 March 2016

From TeemuL - LotR High Elves (20 Points)

Here are some High Elves for my ever growing LotR army. High Elves are bit boring in LotR, they have only one possible basic warrior type. He can be armed with bow, spear or sword.

I noticed, that Gil-galad has option to upgrade any of the warriors to King's Guard warriors, giving them better close combat skill. I thought, that it would be nice to create a personal guard for him and since they have different skills they would need to be different on the board.

Usually my gold and blue elves have grey cloth and all the heroes and captains have something light green on them. I decided to paint the cloth light green on this King's Guard to mark them nobler than regular warriors - eligible to wear that beautiful light green color.

Here are the first three, all bowmen. Yes, the King's Guard have a better close combat skill, their missile skill is not affected, so choosing bowmen is very clever. Also, a regular high elf warrior is usually better fighter than any evil warrior, so the extra point on fighting is rarely important.

Haldir is a special character, so I put some extra effort on his face. He is also wearing a traditional blueish chain mail.
I included Haldir as well, because he happens to have a bow. Somehow I always take him as a High Elf although he is a Wood Elf. And I have painted him like that as well... Luckily I have another model unpainted...

4 times 28mm miniature should give me 20 points and put me officially over my 500 point target. There are still some bonus points coming from the Bonus rounds and time is running out, so I won't be putting a new target anymore. I'll try to squeeze one more entry on Sunday.

Nice work Teemu and a big congratulations on hitting your points target! I like the various colour schemes you use for your High Elves. I particularly admire how you've done the muted tones of the metalwork. I had to smile at seeing the recycling logo in the photos - it somehow seems a very fitting backdrop for Elves. :)


  1. I agree I think GW have missed an opportunity with Elves in LOTR game. They could be so diverse and exciting.

    Your figures are ace though they look nicely proud and regal.

  2. Nice work, Teemu! Haldir can always be capt of the Guard. ;)
    Legolas did quite well in H2H as I recall. ;)