Friday, 18 March 2016

From FranL - 15mm Modern Russian Spetsnaz and Panthers... (52 Points)

...from Oddzial Osmy and Evil Bear Wargames.

Modern Russian Spetsnaz (Special Purpose) are general terms used for a variety of special operation forces (or regular forces assigned to special tasks),  Russia has a lot of these units, GRU, Naval, VDV and last seen in the Ukraine I believe or the "Little Green Men"

Now these are British Panthers but the Russians have bought several hundred but I don't know if they're called the same thing or even if the Spetsnaz use them but in all my time dealing with 15mm resin and metal vehicles, these are the best out there for quality!

So we have 17 troopers plus the 3 vehicles!

And Fran's modern juggernaut keeps rolling inexorably forward...  The Spetsnaz are excellent (though they need to be in Ukrainian uniforms...) but I have to say I'm fascinated with the Panthers. I had no idea that the UK manufactured these. Nonetheless, it's sad to see that they are replacing that 4-wheeled icon of British off-road adventure, the Land Rover (I've wanted a Defender 110 since I was a boy).
Great work Mr. Lee!


  1. And BAM, here's another one! You are pounding that horrid little creep Rousell into the ground right now.

    These are nicely done Fran and again I do like your vehicles. So glad you found such well cast models.

  2. You just keep on churning them out Fran - lovely stuff :)

  3. Nice one Fran! Ahem! I shall ignore Anne's comment!

  4. How do you do it?

    They just keep rolling out, and still the same high quality - that's worth a tip of the hat, well done!

  5. More great stuff. Looking forward to seeing a shot of it all

  6. yet more modern goodness Franonia will remain a free prosperous country with such excellent fighting forces.

    Three cheers for Life Long President Lee, leader of his mighty nation destine to become a true superpower! A man to whom even the powerful elephants bow down. But also most kind and humble a true leader! (Am I over doing it a little?)

  7. Cool! I have been loving those Oddzial Osmy sculpts - great work.

  8. Very Good to see your tiny model figures Francis Lee. BB

  9. Nice work, Fran! It seems Franonia is gearing up for hostilities! ;)